Lava Runner [Parkour]

Lava Runner is a speed parkour type of map where you have to put your parkour skills to test in 9 different levels where each one get a little bit more difficult.

In every level your speed will be timed with the help of redstone alternatives and if you are too slow lava will come pouring down from the ceiling. The challenge is fun as you are never left for long to think about your next move. All the time you must be moving unless you want to shower in lava.

Creator: KoolGhettoKid, Twitter Account


  • Play on peaceful until the 5th level
  • Play on survival (hard) or creative (easy).

The look of all the levels look pretty much the same in terms of the design but the obstacles will be different. For example, it’s only in the last couple of levels that monsters will appear.

screenshot-2015-05-31-10-56 screenshot-2015-05-31-10-58


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