Layer Survival/Sandwich Survival/Flat Survival/Burger Survival

Are you tired of vanilla minecraft? If that’s a yes, this map is perfect for you. This is basicly survival, but in layers. You do not need to go searching for ores anymore. Everything is literally in front of your eyes. 

List Of Layers (IN ORDER) :

-Grass Block







-Coal Block

-Iron Block

-Lapis Block

-Redstone Block

-Diamond Block



-End Portal


Where was I inspired from?

Answer : When I Saw A Superflat World Survival Series Going On For Java Edition. It Is Only Possible For Java Because That Java’s Superflat Worlds Are Customizable, There’s Even An Option To Generate Structures! But Sadly, Mcpe’s Superflat Worlds Can’t Do What Java’s Superflat Worlds Can Do. So, I Started Thinking About A Superflat World That You Can Survive In. Big Shoutout To The App Called “Blocktopograph” For Making This Map Possible. It Is Basicly A Mcpe Nbt Editor App. You Can Also Create Custom Superflat Worlds With The App.

Changelog View more

Changes For This Map:

-Added Some Random Words

-Capitalized Text

Changes For This Map:

-UnCap locked

-Added some random words

Changes For This Map:

-Added A Longer Description

-Added Some Random Words


1) Click on the download .Mcworld

2) Download the mediafire file

3) Click on the downloaded file

4) Open with minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100

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4 Responses

  1. Minelogic says:

    I actually made a superflat series before which is now deleted (I requested the owners to delete 11 of my rubbish submissions). One of them actually had a template named “Sandwich Survival”. I think you saw that, nice recreating it even its not the exact replica.

  2. Magocboy42 says:

    Ive watch the movie shrek, shrek states the ogres have layers and so do onions, donkey states that cakes have layers, this map is a piece of cake

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