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Are you familiar with the game “Left 4 dead”? I made a game because I am a big fan of this game since I was a kid…I have been planning for a long time but I have no knowledge before how to make maps and addons, but thankfully I know now so I made it so you can see my creativity. I hope you enjoy this map. This game is all about surviving and you find your companions in the safe area, but it is not an easy task because you will pass through the infected.

Different types of “INFECTED”


• Zombie business Man

• Zombie Police Man

• Zombie Worker

Behavior: Like a normal minecraft zombie


Behavior: Spit and acid it cools down for 20 seconds.


Behavior: He has a tongue that is 8 blocks long and he can pull you in front of him.


Behavior: It will expload if you get close to him


Behavior: He jumps on you like a minecraft spider


Behavior: she will indicate that she is a normal woman and she will go on crying but if you approach her she will attack you.


Behavior: It dash towards you with a critical damage, but easily to kill.


Behavior: The strongest and most severely infected, not easily killed but if you use your brain you can easily kill it.



The game has no fun if nothing is used to deffend yourself and the game has no taste if there are no weapons.


You can’t call this game a left 4 dead if you are the only survivor. So I added 3 characters to the game for a companion.


Changelog View more

Fix some minor bugs, it is not lag on high device,

Note for low end devices- Play with the minimum of render distance.

I removed the other link because it is not working, 

I changed the feature in-game content because last time isn't

I replace the file to mcworld because last time the file is not a minecraft file

I added a yt video link so they can see the features in my addon / map.


Supported Minecraft versions


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31 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. jaytrack says:

    the map is a bit busted for some reasons there’s no guns or weapons

  2. Dk2 says:

    But can you make the survivors attack any damn monsters, undead, zombies and make their bullets “bullets”. And One more suggestion that can you add some soldiers or military guys but their weapons are assault rifles and make it like an m4a1 carbine or m16a4 and also not just for them but also for the remaining survivors of left for dead, make their weapons not just pistols but assault rifles or shotguns or sniper rifle a please!!!!!

  3. Zach26 says:

    I think it’s your default texture pack that made a mario sounds because I didn’t add a mario soundtrack on this map, please check your default texture pack again, thankyou 🙂

  4. Step_HD says:

    Just wondering if im the only one having issues with the map, it comes with a mario texture pack with sounds, and its very laggy, this can be a good map but needs some optimization!


  5. ASAP says:

    Behavior: Mag dash ni siya padung nimo, dali rani patyon pero powerful pud ni siya.

    basta pilipino malupet.. great addon kababayan.. 🤘🏼

  6. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    The Jockey is missing from the left 4 dead addon

  7. xXMoisesMartin25Xx says:

    Credit Azoz For The gun (Stole the texture and stuff)

    • Zach26 says:

      I credited him on the map and ask him a permission before I uploaded my addon/map, If you didn’t know that yet please check my map so that you can see that I already give him a credit, thankyou!

  8. Dog whit the Chocy says:

    Bruv, atleast credit azoz. Smh

  9. I’ll be nice, and I will give you 5 days to credit me. Otherwise, I will report.

  10. VeryHyperion says:

    Pinoy kaba HHAHAHAHAHA. BTW good addon.:)

  11. Drywigfall005 says:

    Hello good internet friend it appears one of your downloads are not functioning correctly Would you kindly fix this issue?

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