Legacy Potions

In the earlier days of Minecraft, on the Legacy Console and Java editions, potions could be thrown up to 20 blocks! Bedrock doesn’t have this, potions can now only be thrown about 4 blocks.

Now, the range has been improved back to 20 blocks! Splash potions and bottles o’ enchanting are more useful again!

Legacy Potions simply increases the splash potion and bottle o’ enchanting range to be four times as far as it was before.

Please note that this does not include lingering potions, as this would not only be overpowered, but also incredibly laggy in some situations.

In-game images are shown below.

There isn’t much going on in this addon, the only difference is the throw range. 

It was really annoying to… well… throw a Instant Damage splash potion on yourself, for example!

Now, potions and bottles o’ enchanting can be used to greater advantage! Just download Legacy Potions to try it out today!

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  • Updated featured image with a Minecraft-related background
  • Improved client performance


Just click the Direct Mediafire link (no ads!) to download the Legacy Potions addon!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. PainfulHail134 says:

    Does this behavior pack affect the player or the splash potion? I might get this but i have active mods that affect the player.

  2. Blue7S says:

    Epic you can use harming potions as grenades

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