Legend Says [Un-Pointless Map Sequel]

Legend Says (Un-Pointless Map Sequel)

It’s Big Brain Time!

Welcome to Legend Says puzzle/adventure/parkour/minigame map. If you are familiar with my previous map “Un-Pointless Map”, yes, this has a similar style, but has a small difference. This time, you will need to follow what the legend says. If you don’t follow the legend, well, nothing will really happen, but you have to follow it for you to be able to move to the next level. Also, same with the other map, this map also have some trolls in some levels. Don’t do the hint or else you are not worthy.

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Legend Says (Un-Pointless Map Sequel)

Unique Mechanic: Reset/Restart Map, yes, this map is totally resettable. The map will reset succesfully as long as you don’t touch the command blocks outside the map. Please note that if you reset your map, you will have to do all the levels all over again. The activation is in the end part of the map. You will have to finish the map in order to go the activation of this mechanic. What’s the reason? Well, I did this so that if you want to play the map again, you don’t have to re-download it. Other reason is, you can make your friends play this map as a prank or something that is entertaining and fun

This map has 16 levels, Every level has its own difficulty, But instead of telling you the difficulty, this time it is hidden. Now you will never know if that certain level is easy or hard. 

If you manage to beat the map without cheating nor using hints, then you are the true worthy person.

Map Preview:

Figure out how to get out in each levels.

Use your mind by doing puzzles

Dropper is one of the most easiest obstacle in this map

Trade with villagers

Find the hidden object that the “legend” is wanting you to find

There are easy and hard obstacles, some of them have some trolls so be careful

What is Minecraft without “crafting”? Mine

Solve riddles

Please note that some of the texture pack is not made by me. 

Custom texture pack made with

“Invisible Item Frame” by JEBR_Gaming

“Always Show Nametag” by JoePaleto


All levels are tested and possible

Changelog View more

May 10, 2020

Fixed some bugs when resetting the map. Such as, you are stuck in one level

May 9, 2020

- Fixed the bug when you reset the map


Play this map in a latest and newer version, this map have some newer features that has been recently added to minecraft. Recommended version: 1.15.30 BE/PE Edition.

The texture pack download will not be added as long as anyone wouldn't complain about the texture error or texture not appearing

This map is still in work in progress, please report any errors or bugs


- Your minecraft version must be on 1.14.30 and above

- Stronger device might be recommended but not necessary. This map might lag your device due to the number of command blocks


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

5 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-8075633170 says:

    argh the find the 3 buttons, i’m still stuck on it for like 10 minutes! lol. Love the map though!

  2. zpeanutgirl says:

    does anyone know how to get past the zombie level

  3. Guest-1522017218 says:

    hard but awesome

  4. Guest-9272990984 says:

    I love it lol

  5. Enat says:

    I learnt many commands that are actually very helpful thanks to you. Great map!

  6. Guest-2885379349 says:

    Help with the wither skeleton

    and sword plz

  7. Guest-4110854099 says:

    lol i am not worthy

  8. Zhaox says:

    Hey guys! I recently deleted the old download link due to bug fixes.
    Please wait for mcpedl to accept the changes. By the time I’m writing this comment, it is still in pending

  9. Guest-3263601435 says:

    It says its not longer on media fire :/ looks good really wanted to dl

  10. ×Takeshi× says:

    Nice sequel to Un-pointless map! I absolutely love it! Sadly i cheated 3 times, yea im not worthly xD, Anyways, i really enjoyed it alot! Thanks for doing these funny maps!!

  11. Guest-8894890478 says:

    How did you do the custom villager trades?

  12. Guest-1626096562 says:

    Doesn’t download

  13. Guest-6880808078 says:

    I loved the your first 2 maps! I think I’ll like this one too.

  14. Cosmic_Doggo says:

    first level and i already need a hint xD i am not worthy xD

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