Legend Shaders are developed for very low end gamers those who are bored with vanilla minecraft graphics but want to use shaders.

I mean what’s better when you are getting over 30 fps on shaders and that’s what we did, we made a very light shaders for low end devices


•Very Light.

•Better colors.

•Nice Shadows.

•Waving water.

•Pc like lightings.

•RTX inspired water(not same)

•Good Looking light from torches

•Waving Plant

•Custom textures 

Supported Platforms:


•I will make one for windows 10 when I get Windows 10.

Tested devices:

•Vivo V3

•Vivo y71i

•Redmi 6A

•Samsung J2

Picture Gallery:

Thanks for downloading.

This Shader is made by LEGEND (a call of duty player) hopefully you like it and last thing to mention you can only share this shader to your youtube channel mentioning me.

Final thing to say I know but It’s the last update but don’t worry a new shader will come when Render Dragon comes but not this the new one will contain all sorts of things yep all sorts! Not much about that.

Important Note: things may look diff my device has a inbuilt filter that can’t be removed.

Changelog View more

Forget to update the title last time so did that

Fixed Lag due to waving leavesΒ 

And improved lightings To decrease greenish effectΒ 

Added better lightings

More better rain shine

Bug fixes and improvement

Reduced plant wave

Added Copyright warning

Added coloured sky

Added better lightings effect

Final version :(

Added whitish lighting as yellowish was not looking that much good. Also fixed the bug where sun doesn't render in some cases

Added .mcpack that will allow you to easily import shaders into your game


Use ZArchiver to extract the file and paste it in



Supported Minecraft versions



16x Shaders

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68 Responses

4.46 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. CJG15 says:

    hows the new shader going

  2. Spyguy10078 says:

    Happy Diwali πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

  3. CJG15 says:

    Yoo u hit 1k shares congrats can u make shadows less denser its really dark and the wet effect wen it rainns on grass pls

  4. oceancookie says:

    hey can anyone tell me if it works for windows 10 now?ive seen some new comments but none of them mention it

  5. Lake Pootis says:

    Great Shader!
    It’s the best one here and it’s perfect for low end devices!

    Though there are some issues about the water, it gets extremely bright when viewed from afar, ruining the look of the environment.

    When it’s raining, the grass will form a weird wet pattern that does not look good at all. It would be better if it was removed.

    Those are all my issues with this shader.
    I hope you’ll improve this shader soon, It’s hard to find simple shaders that doesn’t have any unnecessary additions.

  6. LAgamer says:

    just because you dont have a windows 10 computer doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us lol.

  7. CJG15 says:

    Can u please take out waving leaves its lagging hard but everything else is fine or can u tell me how to disable it or can u make a version without waving leaves please

  8. Nicerro says:

    Nice Shader but the grass waving so fast pls update

  9. Edgyy says:

    I really like the water but the colors just seem really washed out and the rain has lighting glitches

  10. Do you mind adding: Colour reflections, block reflections, RTX based light rays and block illuminations?

  11. LolsTheHax says:

    The Shaders Aren’t Working…. Why???

  12. Duckio says:

    This shader is very nice and cool and this shader doesn’t lag

  13. BibiXeraKolah says:

    Very nice, works easily in my low end device (J5).

  14. CJG15 says:

    Omg dude thank u for this finally someone who cares about low end device people this shader is quite good i love it. <3

  15. Volt18 Gaming says:

    Bro I Am An Indian YouTuber & I Would Love To Promote Your Shaders But It Needs Little Bit Of Improvement So Can You Talk With Me On Discord So That I’ll Let You Know What Improvements Are Needs

  16. LEGEND_CoD says:

    Just to know wut you guys want for v3.0
    Circle sun and moon or rhombus ? Lemme know

  17. Ray E. says:

    Nice shaders, keep improving

  18. ampigam says:


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