Legendary Beast PE Mod

The Legendary Beast PE Mod adds five new bosses to Minecraft Pocket Edition. All of the bosses have custom skins, special abilities and weapons. They are very difficult to defeat so make sure you are well geared up. A unique structure will be generated once spawning each boss so each battle will be a unique and fun experience.

Creator: Wartave (Twitter Account), TaQultO_988 (Twitter Account)

Fire Demon

This boss is one of the most difficult ones to kill as whenever you touch it you will burn. It’s not a nice feeling but to kill it you will have to touch it in some way.

Spawn Item: Fire Demon (605) – 6 netherracks + 2 blaze powders + 1 diamond


If you successfully kill the boss it will drop a Fire Staff. Hold down the bottom right Fire button to use the fire bomb.


Ender Lord

The Ender Lord has a tendency to teleport whenever you think you’ve got a good chance of hitting it, usually it will spawn behind the player.

Spawn Item: Ender Lord (606) – 6 obsidians + 2 stones + 1 diamond


If you kill it the boss drops the Ender Staff. If you hold down the bottom right Ender Pearl button then it will shoot a little ball and wherever the ball lands is where you will be teleported to.


Lightning Spirit

This boss appears to be immune against weapons, even diamond ones, like the diamond sword. However, you’ve got the Fire Staff then you can use it to shoot fire bombs at the boss.

Spawn Item: Lightning Spirit (607) – unknown, use Toolbox or SimpleCommands to obtain


The Lightning Staff turns you into a god of thunder. It can be used for causing lightnings at your will. Simply aim it down at the ground and then hold down the bottom right button to use it.


Elf Hunter

The Elf Hunter is a tall and frightful creature with bow and arrows. He’s quick too, so make sure to finish him quickly!

Spawn Item: Eld Hunter (609) – 6 oak leaves + 2 oak wood logs + 1 diamond


Once he’s dead he will drop a Poison Gun which shoots poisonous arrows.


Snow Beast

Once spawning the Snow Beast a large igloo structre will generated and you will be stuck with the beast inside this arena until either one of you kill the other.

Spawn Item: Snow Beast (608) – 6 snow blocks + 2 packed ice blocks + 1 diamond


If you do manage to kill the beast, it will drop the Ice Staff. The Ice Staff can be used to throw snowballs at enemies. The snowballs will add a Slowness effect to the mobs hit.


The download includes a .modpkg file. It’s a new file format for BlockLauncher. It’s loaded just the same way .js scripts are loaded.


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24 Responses

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  1. Zack Taylor says:

    okey its not for ios but i am just going to jailbreak to get it on ios

  2. Zack Taylor says:

    make it for ios now

  3. Dan says:

    Can you make it for IOS too? My friend says it’s the best mod even and I believe him but I don’t have android.. so can you please make a iOS version?

  4. Noah says:

    The mob does not show up when I spawn it

  5. Noahjones says:

    I get the egg and everything but when I spawn it the boss is not there

  6. Dan42YT says:

    For me when I put it through Document s cuz it didn’t work, it opened minecraft but then it said Unkown Pack Name and everything in the pack was also unknown. Please can someone tell me how to get past thing

  7. Lol says:

    Can i get for ios?

  8. Progamer156 says:

    Who’s your favorite mine was the Ender lord

  9. Aikena says:

    Can you update this please

  10. Charlie says:

    I don’t no how to do it

  11. RDP says:

    Are this mod is compatible with 0.14.2 or 0.14.1

  12. Nill says:

    it will work if i rename it and make .js file instead of .modpkg..plzz replay editor

  13. JohnChristianDestaValeza says:

    Umm hi plz help me i don’t know how the position in spawning all the beast

  14. Blek says:

    **error message**

    • Editor says:

      My guess is that you are using an outdated BlockLauncher version. Try going to Google Play and see if there’s a new update available for BlockLauncher.

      If it isn’t then do this, uninstall BlockLauncher, turn off your device, turn on your device, go to Google Play and download BlockLauncher. Then try to import the textures and then install the mod.

  15. elmo says:

    This mod is epic I love it

  16. Radcliff says:

    Hello. My question is… Why are .modpkgs are new formats of importing mods? I think you’re smart so, go on…

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