Published on June 30, 2021

Legendary Multipurpose Seed!

This is a seed that is so good that, with practice, you can literally beat the game is 5 minutes.  In this brief introduction you will learn how op this seed really is.  It’s also used as a Minecraft Bedrock speedrunning seed. 

The first thing you’ll find when you sign in is if you turn around there’s an abandoned village full of zombified villagers. 


Zombified Villagers 

Theres also a ravine going straight through the village. 


And they’re just so happens to be a strong hold in that ravine. 


That wasn’t good enough there’s also three diamonds at the very bottom. 

 P.S, you’ll have to mine for the other two a bit. 

That only really scratches the surface of this seed so see what else you can find!

Seed ID


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this has been reposted so many times lmao
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