LEGENDARY Swords v3.5

Are you fed up of mining and grinding for experience? 

Yes of course you are!

Well there is a solution. Botnori’s Legendary Weapons can help you with this. Adding a bunch of ores and brand new weapons to your Minecraft world!

The new ores are combined with the weapons. The ores will start to spawn at the Y coordinates 10-14!

Do you want to be powerful with new weapons? 

Yes you do well today I bring you Legendary Swords V3.5
This addon brings 5 brand new ores and a bunch of OP swords to your minecraft experience these swords are dangerous and have special features!
The 5 new ores are:
Black Iron
Ice Ore
Amethyst Ore
 Energized Ore
And heart  essence ore!
These Spawn at Y10 – 14
Their are 2  types of hammers:
Stone Hammer
Diamond Hammer
The items added are:
Corrupted Amethyst
Water Gem
Reinforced Blaze Stick
Black Iron
Ice Ingot 
Ice Stick
Energized Emerald

Added new items

Obsidian powder

Obsidian ingot

Heart essence dropped of the Heart essence ore

Heart gem 

Black_Iron stick

Diamond stick

Added new swords:

Heal Sword it deals 32 damage and gives you 

Health_boost and Regeneration

Ancient blade it deals 55 damage and gives you strength resistance and slowness 

*Snow StormSword* the sword of thesnowiestmountain ever.   It deals  35 damage and gives you  Speed And Water breathing

:Waterfall Sword* The sword of the water gods. One of my favorite swords because i love explore the oceans.

Crafted with the water gem

  It deals 45 damage and gives you conduit_power, nigth_vision, resistance and speed 🙂

:Flaming Sword* the sword of the king of nether.

Crafted with ReforcedBlaze Rod and black iron.

   It deals 45 damage and gives you

absorption,fire_resistance, resistance and slowness

*Powered EmeraldSword* the sword of the ligthning gods.  Crafted with the powered emerald.

It deals 35 damage And gives you   resistance and slow_falling

:Corrupted AmethystSword*  And one of the best sword it comes of the corrupted world.   

Crafted with the corrupted amethyst.

 It deals 40 damage

And gives you invisibility, regeneration and strength


For example 

C.S.W.E.F Sword is all the swords together makes the C.S.W.E.F Sword it haves 200 damage cuz you add all the damages of the swords it gives you 200. To craft it you need the parts of the swords

Hope you enjoy my addon😁

Updates Soon

Changelog View more

Added new items added new swords changed crafting for Amethyst sword changed crafting for emeraldsword Added new ore

Fix bugs 

Have fun!

Changed submission changed some of the brief description bug fixes

Changed BriefDescription bug fixes changed something on the submission Anything to see here

Changed pack icon added new Sword changed submission and bug fixes

Just another change log idk why always mcpedl denied denied denied bye

Another note to the textures of the creator on nova skin sorry for that

Just make a note of the sword textures

Sorry for that and have fun!!!

:) :3

Changed the submission and bug fixes and etc etc

Have fun!! :)


Activate both packs behavior and resource and activate experimental gameplay to work correctly

Note:     i create all the textures 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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48 Responses

3.08 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-8975910566 says:

    What is the key

  2. Guest-1369708084 says:

    so i have a problem I made 3 worlds all with experimental gameplay but it wont work i did the exact function command but it still did not work the mod looks great so pleas help

  3. Guest-4650983985 says:

    i have experemental gameplay on and i tried /function LENGENDARYSWORDSV3_5, but all that happened is the game gave me every item. i cannot see anthing in my inventory. it allshows gray squairs.

  4. Guest-1736352234 says:

    i cannot make hammer experimental is on

  5. Guest-2079515149 says:

    What is the key?!

  6. Guest-8424833017 says:

    Hey, i have experimental gameplay on and whenever I craft anything it is just a gray square, but the ores load in.

  7. Guest-6002827269 says:

    what is the decryption key for the download?

  8. Guest-5973309920 says:

    how do you mine the ores?

  9. Guest-8464394749 says:

    i have ores but it i can not see tools and weapons HELP p.s i have tried the /function LEGENDARYSWORDSV3_5 but ot only gives me ores

  10. Guest-5744239140 says:

    I have the Bp and Rp activated along with experimental gameplay, but the textures look like white squares.Am I doing Something Wrong?

  11. Guest-9333885955 says:

    Dude what is a decryption key

  12. Guest-8440961940 says:

    Hey I’m on experimental gameplay, and the textures and recipes aren’t working at all. We tried the /LEGENDARYSWORDSV3_5 but to no avail

  13. Guest-5980862974 says:

    It doesn’t work, I tired to activate it with the experimental mode on iOS iPhone but only the ores still show, not the other cool features!

  14. Guest-3539664274 says:

    Bro when I load into the world after adding resource and Behavior pack it says above no definition for the ores pls help

  15. Guest-1241918455 says:

    hi, i installed this addon, and the ores appear, but i cant craft the hammers or is there any other way to mine the new ores?

  16. Guest-2664525320 says:

    Hey bro i dont know what I did but only the ore will spawn nothing else, when i mine them a gray square drops. Im new to this modding thing, am i able to get any help? Thanks

  17. Anonymous says:

    From this add-on, it looks like the elemental swords mod and texture that were launched at mcpedl.com are different and the ability is modified. Isn’t that too much the same to say no?

  18. Guest-6948905802 says:

    Tipo o dano n conta

  19. Guest-7332646395 says:

    Mano o meu Minecraft aparece tudo e tals mas o problema é q o dano n conta me ajuda

  20. Guest-6847955757 says:

    Great addon! keep up the great work!

  21. Rodnori says:

    Is a 4d apk skinpack

  22. KIRITO SAMA says:

    In some pictures you have wings. What is the name of the resos pack you are using?

  23. Guest-3335631253 says:

    how do you mine them in survival?

  24. Guest-1889652885 says:

    Hey, you are using the d flog flag apk


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