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Published on March 07, 2015 (Updated on March 07, 2015)

Legendary Weapons Addon

The Legendary Weapons Addon adds five new and amazing weapons to the game. Every weapon deals different damage and got a unique ability. Such as with one you can fly in the void while with another you can become undestructable. It's a fun and easy mod to play around with as each weapon got its own unique crafting recipe.

Creator: 1x3y5

Weapon IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Mountain Feller Hammer (327) - 6 netherracks + 1 stone
  • Netherfire Sword (326) - 6 netherrack + 1 iron ingot
  • Heaven Sword (322) - 5 diamonds + 1 gold ingot + 1 iron ingot
  • Aegis Fortress (342) - 6 iron ingots + 1 gold ingot
  • Void Warrior Battle Axe (335) - 4 diamonds + 1 redstone

Heaven Sword

The attack damage is nothing special but the extra abilities surely are something out of the ordinary. Fall damage is reduced to zero and if you hold the screen you will be launched up into the air forward.

Void Warrior Battle Axe

It got average attack damage but the cool extra ability includes the possibility to fly in the void. The void is the area that's located underneath the bedrock if you dig straight down. It's an empty space which look kind of cool.

Aegis Fortress

This is a magical medallion rather than a weapon which will protect you from any kind of damage.

Netherfire Sword

Deals a lot of damage and any lava damage you take will be drastically reduced.

Mountain Feller Hammer

The most powerful weapon in terms of damage compared to the other new weapons. The extra ability includes jumping when you hold the screen.

Download Mod (.apk file) (Dropbox)
Download Textures (Dropbox)
Download Mod (.apk file) (MediaFire)
Download Textures (MediaFire)

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Is is available for Amazon devices if not can u make it on Amazon devices it's okay if you cant. :) :)
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What app they use to create mod I'll post some too pls
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This is mod not add-on
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Command for ?+?= ASSOWME
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Make it a command so if you can not download files for iOS or android
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Make a ninjago movie addon plz
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I cant download the textures or mod
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The Best Mod Ever Dude!!!!!!!!
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Best thing ever dude/dudet!
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Do i need block launcher to use the download textures(mediafire} at the top
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It's not an addon it's a mod! ?
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can you make it under .mcpack? I want to get it on MC WINDOW 10 EDITION
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Wow this addon is so cool
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How do you download it on IOS
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