Published on August 28, 2021 (Updated on September 13, 2021)

Legit Survival: Stronghold Below

SAFE + SOUND UPDATE: Your base is now part of a secure enclosed courtyard with full enchanting and safe nether access! Stronghold Below, the popular seed from Minecraft’s default picker, is now a Legit Survival Spawn Template.

Stronghold Below is a survival spawn template for Minecraft bedrock edition. Everything was created using only survival mode. You can start a new multiplayer or singleplayer world knowing for sure that the template is fully Legit!

It includes a full-strength enchanting table, nether access, and lots of materials to start working with. There are many tall trees in the dark, unoccupied areas of the village surrounding the base, making them very dangerous. But inside Fort Enderville, you’re Safe + Sound!

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Starter gear left at spawn, clear path to village
  • Secured surviving villagers, added beds to their dwelling
  • Cleaned up roads, patched hazardous pitfalls, and planted trees
  • Established base with mine and stronghold access
  • NEW: “Fort Enderville” - Improved base and secure courtyard
  • NEW: Full-strength enchanting table
  • NEW: Nether access with small secure base
  • NEW: Chicken and cow farms
  • NEW: Villager area “East Enderville” enclosed and secured




Future editions of this and other templates will be announced on our YouTube channel and our website:

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A new world template I hope this will be legit
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