Levels Parkour!

Welcome to the official Levels Parkour map by anasw06 and Anearplayz. This is a parkour map made for people who are good at parkour and want a challenging and an adventurest map to play. Try not to rage quit 😉

There are many levels that are included. 7 levels to be clear. Ranging from different biomes and other levels. Each level containing it’s own style of parkour.

Start of on the Jungle stage ^

Then continue on with the other levels/stages. Each stage gets harder and harder once you go through them. 

And some of the levels have different monsters too. Ranging from zombies in the jungle biome to the vindicators in the ice biome.

Each level includes a lever in a chest, all levels have them. Some of the levers are hidden in chests. Find them to unlock the next level…

Anyways thats all to know about the map, download the map and discover the levels in Levels Parkour. If you find anything that is wrong tell us in the comments/discussion. But other than that thats all. And also, Try not to rage quit 😉 

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Click on the download link above or below. There is a link only for now but this may get updated sooner or later. For installation guides learn about them provided by McpeDl.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11

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9 Responses

3.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Zen says:

    Hmm when me and my brother entered the worled our healths were’nt half
    It was full but we continued to play anyway.

  2. Blue Diamond says:

    Wow looks good, didnt tried it yet. But, greetings from Indonesia😁

  3. dudebroagain says:

    It’s ok. It not great nor is it terrible. It could’ve been done better but whatever.

    • AnearPlayz says:

      Ok well, thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what I can do, is there anything specific that could’ve done better?

      • dudebroagain says:

        First of all, “/gamerule commandblockoutput false” along with “/gamerule sendcommandblockfeedback false” will prevent commands from appearing in chat. Second, use execution commands or pressure plates so that when the player falls they’ll be put back at the beginning. Third, find a way to make it so that the levers can only be placed on a certain block, plenty of other maps have done it so you can too.

        • superplex25 says:

          Also, do “/gamerule keepinventory true” so that the player doesn’t lose the lever if they die. Thanks! Good map, though!

  4. EgDroneMind says:

    Bruh I actually found this amd didn’t notice you maid it will download it for vid soon

    • AnearPlayz says:

      Hey Eg, thanks for commenting and u don’t have to make a vid about it cus u said in disc that ur bad lol. And also the map is kinda hard so that’s that.

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