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Published on May 17, 2016 (Updated on May 17, 2016)

Lever Locator [Minigame]

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Please make a .mcworld link. I try using .zip but I can never open it
Hope you don't mind, but I'm making a YouTube video on this. Channel is Mont27P but will be changing soon, I will tell you when. Video is called Lever Locator Trouble.
Hey, ok I'm Brock, wasn't logged in before, changed channel to The Obsidian Pickaxe but searching Mont27P will still come up with the videos since they are tagged with it. I uploaded it so check it out and please subscribe to Mont27P.
I think i just missed the lever ?
Ohhhhh ok thanks ?
Pls fix the map level 3 is missing the lever pls put the lever on level 3 i think they forgot to put the lever ?
Its there. When the hint says look through the window you should see the redstone signal. Meaning (NOTE: THIS NEXT PART SPOILS THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE LVL 3 LEVER!!!) the lever is somewhere around that window and building thingy. You just need to look more thoroughly.