Levitation Potion Add-on (0.17.0 Only!)

The levitation effect is a status effect which is introduced in version 0.17.0 (or 1.0) of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Without the use of any addons you can only get this effect by being hit by a shulker projectile. And by the way, shulkers are mobs spawning in the End.

This addon replaces the XP bottle with a Levitation Bottle which you can throw on other mobs or yourself to make them or you start levitating.

Creator: Kiritocris55, Twitter Account

How does it work?

The Levitation Potion replaces the Bottle o’ Enchanting (XP). There are two mobs in-game which drops this bottle. You can either kill one of them or get the bottle from the inventory in creative mode.

  • Enderman: 1 – 3 Levitation Bottles
  • Shulker: 1 – 3 Levitation Bottles


You can use the Levitation Bottle in both of the two gamemodes. But it’s primarily in survival mode where it’s useful.

Throw the potion on yourself (by throwing it up into the air) to give yourself the potion effect. The effect lasts for 25 seconds and during this time you will slowly ascend up into the sky.


You can also throw the potion at other mobs to make them levitate. And then 25 seconds after the effect has passed most of them will fall down and die.

Flying pigs are real!



This add-on is limited to 0.17.0 users only!

  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Apply packs for a world in-game

Optional: Download a .ZIP file for this add-on.

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24 Responses

  1. MarioLover63 says:

    Have all my Doritos (reference to the flying pig commercial)

  2. Andy says:

    This addon only works when you are not in peaceful mode, at least for me. Is it supposed to be like that?

  3. awesome5185 says:

    Doesn’t work for the release version :\ Or is it just me?

  4. TheCreeperExplodes says:

    When the heck is 0.17.0 gonna come?

  5. Connor says:

    Can you make it for 0.16.1 or higher and for iOS devices please

  6. Dan says:

    What happens download it on 0.16.0?

  7. DJ GJ says:

    Can u make it for 0.16.0+ because IOS can’t use beta I’m IOS and on 0.16.0

  8. Danger Rulez says:

    Um can u try to make the levitation potion for 0.16.0 please

  9. Connor says:

    I have 0.17.0

  10. Bgmoore04 says:

    It says that I am a tester, but when I go into the Minecraft app, it shows that I am in 0.16.1. How can I fix this (or is this not something you can do, if it is than that’s fine)?

    • Editor says:

      Try reinstalling Minecraft PE. Also, it can sometimes take a few hours to get the update.

      • Bgmoore04 says:

        I deleted the app and am tried again (multiple times because when I got a map I broke the app), but it didn’t work, and I waited a few hours. I am going to try it again. Also it is amazing to get a reply from you because normally no one ever replies to me!

  11. Axsuroth says:

    Lol dude if you want to go back to the first version of Minecraft PE (0.1.0) Be my guest! I’m sticking with the 1.0 update (0.17.0)

  12. FireDestroyer1234 says:


  13. Axsuroth says:

    Lol dude 0.1.0 is the very first update for Minecraft PE! 😝 Dude 0.17.0 is the 1.0 OR 1.0.0 not 0.1.0 silly!

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