LG Invisible Maze [Minigame]

In this maze you will just see the light as everything else has been blacken out by black concrete blocks. The main objective of the game is to find a way out of the maze. As soon as someone successfully founds there way out then that team will win and the game ends.

Creators: LaserGames Team, YouTubeDiscord, ItsDominicPlays (Owner) PickJosher (Co-Owner) SkyGames Team(Specially thanks for Compass Creator): LUIS6234

How to play?

It will be almost completely impossible to see where you are going as the walls are made out of black concrete blocks. The only thing leading you through the maze are the sea lanterns in the floor. The objective is to find a way out of the maze. All players are invisible while playing.


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  1. mcpederp says:

    first you need to upload the .zip file you’ve created
    to MEDIAFIRE then after it’s done uploaded copy the download link MEDIAFIRE provided
    then log in to your MCPEDL account then click “select submission type”
    then if it’s a map type the: title,description and download link you copied from MEDIAFIRE then choose if it’s a minigame,adventure,parkour and etc. then upload some images and a video from YOUTUBE(optional) … then click “submit”

  2. Anzgellxo says:


  3. Dominik says:

    How do you post a map on this site?

  4. therealDonaldTrump says:

    Hi Mcpedl
    I’m glad you made a map like this.

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