LIFE Texture Pack [64×64]

LIFE brings more life to the graphics in Minecraft Pocket Edition. It’s a mix of brightful colors and a smooth cartoony style which makes the world look a lot more happy and lighthearted. It currently exists only as a 64×64 resolution pack. This means if you have got a less powerful device it might take some extra time to load a world. At least that’s what we experienced when testing it on a few different devices.

Creator: Storm_Core_Films
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life-7 life-5 life-4 life-3 life-1 life-2


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10 Responses

2.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Hello says:

    Arg the link has been deleted. It looks so cool though

  2. A person =) says:

    Noooooooooo!! ;-;!!! The link was deleted!!!! ;-;!!😭😭

  3. heetler says:

    Hit or miss the link was deleted

  4. Anthony says:

    Link is no longer available

  5. Remixer says:

    LINK was deleted!!

  6. A person you don't know says:

    Sorry, but the link doesn’t work now. Can anyone send me a link to it on MediaFire without adf.ly and tell me if it works please?

  7. Jeffrylololol says:

    I like it too

  8. xixumavoid says:

    I like this texture pack

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