Light Helper Mod (Android Only!)

This mod adds a better and more realistic use for the torch. As soon as you equip the torch it will start emitting light. This is perfect if you like to explore tunnels and caves but don’t want to bring multiple stacks of torches which you need to place everywhere you walk. If you are a miner then you really need to give this mod a try!

Creator: NiPlOb

How does it work?

This is what a cave looks like without the light helper (or torch). As you can see it’s very dark and it’s barely possible to see anything.


As soon as I equip the torch you can see that the area is lit up and it’s possible to get a clear visual of the surrounding area. Personally, I wish this was an official feature of Minecraft PE. It just makes more sense this way.


Download .JS (MediaFire)

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28 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmmmm so hard

  2. Xlo says:

    Spawns an item behind you that destroys anything it touches.

  3. Petro sandi says:

    How to install

  4. BangMan says:

    To all the dumb kids in the comments, he will NEVER add it for Windows 10 and iOS. Don’t ask for it, it will always be limited to Android. If you want it, beg your parents.

  5. ❤️Izzy❤️ says:

    What version is this mod does?

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. RedstoneGenius says:

    Cant u make it for iOS and windows 10 by making it have a behavior pack for iOS and windows 10

  8. Balloon boy says:

    How i use the mod?

  9. Dakota says:

    Can you plz try to make it in to a .mcpack plz

  10. We25718gamer says:

    Hmmmm…. I have kindle fire, I have blocklauncher willow fifty work😑

  11. CraftingMike says:

    We need the off-hand and i need this addon for Windows 10 :/ can you make this addon work on windows 10 pls ? Love it but can’t use 🙁

  12. Clement says:

    Please make this to an Addon its so cool

  13. Sweet Kyle says:

    Does it working on 1.0?

  14. Yasin Arafat says:

    does this work on the 1.0.0 official release that came out yesterday?

  15. CyK0tic says:

    LOL this is simply a Dynamic Light mod

  16. A girl says:

    Why only android???? 🙁

  17. CraftingMike says:

    Want this for windows 10 edition :/

  18. Ivon Huang says:

    I checked the code,um,it use the same way that the previous mods like this used:spawning a block that glowing and let it following player…
    I hope someone can improve this.

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