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Published on March 23, 2015 (Updated on March 23, 2015)

Lightning Gem Mod

The Lightning Gem Mod implements the necessary blocks to build a machine (or a power station) which can harness the power of lightning and conceal it in orbs. The orbs can then be used as an ordinary item to make the lightning strike where you want to.

Creator: UltraPeachMC, Twitter Account

Block/Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Wire (69) - 6 iron ingots
  • PowerCollector (70) - 5 iron ingots + 4 redstones
  • Lightning Gem (449) - tap with a diamond on a PowerCollector
  • Lightning Orb (450) - 2 lightning gems + 7 glass panes
  • Super Charged Lightning Gem (451) - tap with a diamond on a PowerCollector
  • Super Charged Lightning Orb (452) - 2 super charged lightning gems + 7 glass panes

Building the Power Station

Begin by crafting 8 Wires and 1 PowerCollector. Place the PowerCollector in the center and the Wires surrounding it as seen in the image below.

Now get your hands on some diamonds and tap with a diamond on the PowerCollector. When you do this four different things can happen each with a 25% chance of happening:

  • Error System Overload: big explosion
  • Charging Failed: small explosion
  • Charged: drops a Lightning Gem
  • Super Charged: drops a Super Charged Lightning Gem

Charged Orb Items

When you have obtained at least 2 Lightning Gems and 2 Super Charged Lightning Gems you can begin crafting the new items.

Lightning Orb

The Lightning Orb is crafted with 2 Lightning Gems and 7 glass panes.

Tap on the ground with the Lightning Orb to use it. As you do that a lightning will strike the ground making a small explosion.

Super Charged Lightning Orb

The Super Charged Lightning Orb is crafted with 2 Super Charged Lightning Gems and 7 glass panes.

To use the orb simply tap on the ground similar as with the other orb but in this case there will be a huge explosion.

too may requests and turned off please send me a new link
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Where can i downlad this mod???
This mod didn't work I'm pissed reply asap
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