Welcome to the amazing world of Star Wars this mod will add everyone’s favorite weapon lightsaber to Minecraft hope you enjoy also may the force be with you all in your travels

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lazer swords jk it’s lightsabers In this mod you can make 4 lightsabers of your vary own 

In order to make them

You need to pick between the four

blue pick diamond

Green pick Emerald

red pick redstone 

orange pick topaz 

Topaz also can be now found deep in the jungle

Next pick the gemstone that goes with your color put it in the stone cutter

Next U need one Redstone

One netherite ingot And one netherite scrap

To make the Handel 

Next put one activation crystal on top of the handle in the crafting table in the middle row that’s the only way it will work then you’ll get a light saber

Hope you guys enjoy the mod please do subscribe to my YouTube channel

Foxy da pirate

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OK thank you for telling me what I need to change about featured image instead of just saying use in game I changed it to two popular Star Wars characters making the lightsabers The same way it’s done in the addon Have a nice day

I’ve decided to completely scrap the old mod And make a light saber mod also this is a word for word on how to make them in the game as well

This is the most detailed the submission can get hope u like it have a grade

I’m sorry but there no way to improv this subbition description 



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  1. Klains says:

    Cannot craft anything ??

  2. xXCgruntXx says:

    Like baby yoda?

  3. xXCgruntXx says:

    I dont see the skins :/

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