Liquid Tanks Mod

The liquids in Minecraft include water, lava and milk. If you ever thought you’d needed some way to store liquids and keep track of how much you have left then you will know keeping them in buckets in your inventory or chests can be a bit of a hassle. The Liquid Tanks Mod makes it so much easier to manage your liquids as they can be stored in tanks which can be visually seen in your worlds as blocks.

Creator: crazycard856, Twitter Account

How to use the liquid tanks?

First off you need to craft an empty liquid tank:

  • Tank (222) – 8 glass blocks + 1 bucket

Place it down on the ground and use lava buckets, water buckets or milk buckets to fill it up. You can place multiple tanks and fill them with different liquids. Everything saves so no matter whether you quit the game they will still remain in your world for as long the mod is enabled in BlockLauncher.

Currently the fill limit is set at four buckets but that might be something which will increase in the future.


Use an empty bucket to retrieve liquid from a tank.

milktanks1 watertanks1 lavatanks1download

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10 Responses

  1. supacritic says:

    pleasepleasepleaseplease make a mediafire link dropbox dosent work

  2. Alexander says:

    That’s extremely harsh.

  3. Tabbykittycat says:

    Make it for iOS please.

  4. Theminwcraftaddon135 says:

    Your lucky it won’t let me download it and I have block launcher 😭 😭

    • Juan says:

      Just down load it and then go to block loancher press the rinch then press
      Mannitg mod scrap and press the + button then press storey and then press your

  5. wampire fox says:

    the mod is great but if u are 9 yr old it would be hard what to do

  6. wofulmoss says:

    the dropbox link dosent work can you make an mediafire link

  7. Vampire says:

    It’s a great mod but can you make it compatible with pipes and have them like the buildcraft tanks

  8. I like mods says:

    I like this mod it’s epic

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