Little City [Creation]

Little City is a small city built in the old world size of Minecraft Pocket Edition. It includes a few skyscrapers, bridges and roads leading to the center of the city. It’s not exactly the most grand city we’ve come across but it’s definitely a nice little creation which could be used to expand on and build something greater. Also, remember that you can use the Make Infinite! (can be found by pressing the edit button in the world list) feature to make it an infinite world.

Creator: Mort1999

little-city-3 little-city-2 little-city-1

(Map name in-game: MORT1999 CITY)


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18 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Randon says:

    It is not letting me download what should I do???

  2. DelTaco24 says:

    This is probably the most underwhelming map I have ever downloaded and I’ll leave it at that

  3. RedLeader says:

    Is there a school?

  4. Cutegirl123 says:

    Your so immature >:(

  5. Duckman says:

    Make a Macworld version of this I want it terribly
    Please just do that and maybe I’ll be happy
    I’m not kidding I’m probably sad so I just want a Macworld of it
    Just do this I’ll be happy and you will go on living
    Just hear this comment and do what I said Creator. Then I’ll be happier

  6. Logan says:

    It’s not letting me download on iOS I have documents followed the instructions and it didn’t work

  7. Haleema101 says:

    Can u add link plz

  8. Summer02 says:

    Hi editor PLZZZ could u make this map an .mcworld plz I can’t download using files

  9. Darenz says:

    Is this valid for mcpe 0.11.0

  10. Hashim_King says:

    So cool

  11. KillerWailz says:

    Can i please have your permission to use this is a short youtube movie im making

  12. Leandro says:

    I see a village if you make infinite world

  13. Ember says:

    This looks really cute and cool 😀

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