Living Chest Add-on

Have you ever gone on a great adventure with a friend but noticed that your inventory got piled up too quickly? This addon provides a solution for this problem. It makes it possible to use every player (in multiplayer) as a chest with 27 slots each available for storage.

Creator: TifaLockhart, Twitter Account

How to open a player chest?

This addon makes it possible to use other players as portable chests. Each player chest include 27 available slots. The storage space can only be accessed by other players and not by the player itself.

  • iOS / Android: Sneak and press down your finger on the player which you want to “open” and press “Open”.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on a player

A graphical user interface will open which you can use to store or retrieve items. If a player dies then all of the blocks and items stored on that player will disappear.

living-chest-1 living-chest-2


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Create a world (or exist an existing world) and activate the behavior pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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23 Responses

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  1. Olokinho says:

    Simply Incredible

  2. AgheeraAkela says:

    What it replace?

  3. TheDarkBunny112 says:

    How do you activate the Behavior pack?

  4. Fallen Gotham says:

    I thought you could steal some items to an another player. Pls add that

  5. Just a tip says:

    Could you make an addon were players become iron golems so you can be tall and have 50 hearts and skelotons are super hostile and monsters don’t attack unless we do

  6. ??? says:

    X10000 awesome!!!

  7. worm says:

    Cool awesome!!!!!👌

  8. A girl says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  9. Leonidius says:

    It is genius! 😉

  10. Cadthegreat says:

    How do you summon it???

  11. Randi says:

    This is only multiplayer…??

  12. Jeffrey M. Landles says:

    Wow thx!

  13. Isaac cobbs says:

    Good addon

  14. maccyb says:

    This is so handy! U should make a map which u have the monsters have inventory slots but evil so u kill it and u get rewards for next level!

  15. Mason says:

    When me and my brother used to play in survival that would’ve been so useful. I’m talking Years And Years ago.

  16. BlueT says:

    Can you make a video on how to open them? I don’t get what you mean by hold your finger down and then press open

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