LKD’s Harvest Addon

Are you tired of the existing Minecraft farming?

Do you want to meet more food and crops? 

Do you want to use ingredients and recipes similar to real food?

Here’s LKD’s Harvest Addon for you!

LKD’s Harvest Addon adds about 180 items and blocks! 

Before this addon, there are only few crops and foods in Minecraft

But If you add this addon to your map, you can add many kinds of crops, foods, fishes and blocks

And you can also craft this items with crops and another foods with cooking tools!

And you can find crops in wild!

Is this the end? Well…

What if you could add all the Crops, Foods and Crafting Recipes you want?

Did you ask me how?

It’s simple.

That’s because we manage all of our Crafting Recipe and data with Google Excel Spreadsheets!

If there’s something you want, you just have to comment on it.

link :


License is CC BY-SA 4.0 (link :

If you wanna add this addon to your map, you must turn on the map’s 3 experimental options all!


Namsic: General Manager, Addon, Inspection, Document

Dr. Neil Watts : Addon, Modeling

Stcor : Texture

We will change foods eating saturations, effects in 1.3.1!

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Added -----

coffee tree(include sapling), coffee bean roaster, coffee bean 
red & green light block, red & green floor lamp 

roasted coffee bean, coffee power, coffee
rice cake, rice cake soup
cooking knife
minced garlic 


Fixed many bugs

Made crops and trees generate auto in wild

Removed ploughland and now you can plant crops on grass and dirt

Applied blocks sound and crops sound

Fixed some bugs

Added document's link that the users can add their comments

Added Creators and the roles



License is CC BY-SA 4.0 (link :

If you wanna add this addon to your map, you must turn on the map's 3 experimental options all!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta) 1.6

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43 Responses

4.6 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Akhil_The_Gamer says:

    Hey creator…

    I m sharing u a suggestion that it will be better if u can make the kitchen instruments (pans, knife etc.) placeable it will be good decoration for the map.

    But I love your add-on very much thanks for this add-on. I was looking for a add-on like this for my map.

  2. Tinypeaches says:

    Is there a English spreadsheet?

  3. CLOUD MCPE says:

    So… After 3 updates The Bug Isnt Fixed…

    When I Play In My World its says Resource fallback Low memory, The texures are too blur I cant fix this prob cause I dont know how to, but… PLEASE before you update
    Please! Fix this BUG its Annoying

  4. NickGamerMCPEDL says:

    can i have question are those plants and seed

  5. Shockz says:

    Hi! I have a question, how do you use the fish traps?

  6. jousu says:

    love this add-on!

    one question, is there a crafting guide for all items of this mod?

  7. Jv gamer says:

    Poderia adicionar mais comidas como hambúrguer e etc

  8. Secret Knight says:

    + No Ads?❤️

  9. Secret Knight says:

    Wow This Addon Is Better Than Java Quality ?

  10. Beam006 says:

    Could you make custom anchovy, canary and shrimp mobs plz (they behaved like vanilla fish mobs when they die they will drop themselves, bone and exp except for shrimps they will walk on sea bed and when they’re attacked they will swim backward to flee from their attacker also they will only drop themselves and exp because shrimps are invertebrate animals)​

  11. Vishal Gupta says:

    This doesnt work in minecraft

  12. MoonGodson says:

    Hey I try planting seeds and nothing works? is there a way to fix it? Can you do a tutorial?

  13. Adr857 says:

    Can I use this addon on YouTube?

  14. BloxurloGamer says:

    BUENAS TARDES:hola solo quiero decir que este addon esta hermoso creo que es el mejor de la semana y solo queria decirte unas sugerencias para el addon 1.QUE HAYAN TACOS mexicanos 2.QUE AGREGES JUGO y 3.AGREGAR UN SISTEMA DE VINO por ejemplo haces una mesa de crafteo donde solo aparesca uvas y otros liquidos aplastados y luego hay que dejarlos en bariles para que se haga no se amigo el caso que quiero VINO 🙂 bueno SUERTE..

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