Log Fences

Have you ever wanted better fences, Fences like the ones you see all over java edition, the ones that look like logs? Well this texture pack can help with that! It makes both the fences and fence gates the log and the stripped log textures! Also as a bonus it even works with other texture packs!

Their is an option which allows  you to have stripped instead of normal logs!

This is how you do it:

Now here are a few images of the texture pack:

This one is with the Classic Texture Pack:

Note: If showcasing or used in any projects be sure to leave a link. Please use link for this mcpedl page, do not use your own link. Also when using in conjunction with other resource packs make sure to have this at the top, otherwise it may not work.

Changelog View more

1. Added Different Screen Shots 

2. Added Sub-packs

3. Added a Stripped Log Version


Supported Minecraft versions




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15 Responses

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  1. Dragon0087 says:

    So I’ve figured out a way for people to make their own custom fence textures. If enough people want it I could make a custom template for people to download and make their own fence textures for their texture pack. That way It can be completely new texture, not just using some random textures from the game. Only if you guys would want it tho.

  2. Guest-9810085813 says:

    This will make building much easier and look much better! Cool pack

  3. _rickname_ says:

    why are the crimson and warped ones stripped? Did you not have time to add the log textures?

    • Dragon0087 says:

      Their stripped because I don’t really think the other ones are very usable in a building sense, so that’s why I decided to go with stripped, and I was also able to get stripped because the code for the crimson and warped is much cleaner.

  4. Guest-5652773546 says:

    The other texture pack you used had to be Vader’s alternative block pack.

    • Dragon0087 says:

      I’m confused about which one you mean because this is on bedrock edition indicated at the top of every screenshot, and that texture pack is only for java.

      • _rickname_ says:

        you can literally copy the textures from the files

        • Dragon0087 says:

          Mate this pack doesn’t actually add textures just to let you know, it changes Minecraft’s code too make it so it takes the log textures. I’m still figuring out how to make it take the stripped logs tho.

        • Dragon0087 says:

          Wait I’m assuming you are talking about the featured image and no I didn’t copy from the files, I just happened to be using textures from my new pack Better Flowers, It was just a hinted release, an easter egg.

  5. Guest-7769033013 says:

    Looks great. At first I read it as long fences.

  6. Drispy says:

    Loved it! Hoping you would create a stripped log version

    • Dragon0087 says:

      I will try to make one its just that Minecraft’s code is a little bit weird so in this one I had to rewrite it. I will see if I can do the stripped log, but its a bit of a different story there.

  7. Guest-2584966152 says:

    Niceeee I wanted A stripped Logs too! Thank you

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