Loot Randomizer

This addon changes the drops from almost every block and mob in the game with a random item/block. it can also summon a random mob when a block is broken.

There are 23 different loot tables you can switch between in the behavior settings, Each giving every block and mob a different drop.

To switch between loot tables,

1. Install the Behavior Pack

-activate cheats

Resource pack required if your game language is NOT set to english

2.Once it is intalled go to your world settings and  in your active behavior packs, click on the behavior pack and you should see a gear icon, click it

3. Move the slider to whaterver loot table you want to use, they all work the same way each one is just a different loot table.


There is two downloads one is for minecraft version 1.14 and the other is for version 1,16 if you are still on the 1.14 update download the older version of the addon or some things might not work correctly

Changelog View more

-Added support for the minecraft 1.16 update

-Items/blocks and entities from the 1.16 update have been added into the randomizer

-Fixed some lag issues

-Added resource pack to support other languages

-removed unused loot tables

-fixed some item drops


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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53 Responses

3.79 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. xxTinyTrooperxx says:

    out of the 23 types, which one is luckiest?

  2. Guest-3251121657 says:

    This isn’t a randomizer, certain blocks are set to certain drops

    • Showiestrhyme39 says:

      Hey buddy I hope you realize that it’s Quite hard to actually make a Randomizer so he/she did they’re best and used the Add-on setting feature to have 23 Randomizer seeds, Randomizer mods usually have many more each games Randomizer seed is randomly chosen but on bedrock you can’t do that and you have to just use the Add-on settings feature to choose out of the 23 different Randomizer seeds, so select the Add-on then tap the settings button that appears on the Add-on then the different Randomizer seeds will appear, so please TRY to look at the second paragraph “There are 23 different loot tables you can switch between in the behavior settings, Each giving every block and mob a different drop.“

    • PrestonPlays967 says:

      That Is What a randomizer is dum-dum

  3. Guest-9851787005 says:

    do you even care about having an organized inventory why doesn’t it just drop on the ground so you dont have to pick it up!

  4. Guest-6767467870 says:

    it is not working.

  5. Guest-9130867505 says:

    Game would not let me import to pe

  6. Guest-8513742508 says:

    Gray Shulker Boxes Drop a Netherite Chestplate

  7. Guest-5114164677 says:

    Where is 1.14 download

  8. Guest-9097914828 says:

    It said No format Version

  9. Guest-6420964695 says:

    Sup dude, i wanna do a lucky block x randomizer challenge in mcpe. Is it fine if i use this in youtube? I will credit this link in the description.
    YT: Skyuubi / DelusionalChris_
    (the name maybe either both of those since i changed it earlier)

  10. Guest-5018174141 says:


  11. Guest-7717214407 says:

    Amazing! Iv been wanting a pack like this for a long time! Though, one question. Is there anyway you could make it so just dropping items doesn’t automatically replace it with a new one? I cant explain how many times iv had a wither, creeper or even ignited TNT spawn near a chest, have the chest explode and just crash my game because my inventory’s full but still trying to replace everything that dropped out the chest. Its also just kinda a pain to not be able to drop stuff out my inventory. If not thats fine of course, still an amazing pack!!

  12. Guest-5688418251 says:


  13. Guest-6219798000 says:

    Does this work with multiplayer?

  14. Guest-8810238033 says:

    ye i get diamonds from dirt

  15. Guest-7329425246 says:

    idk why but the dirt always gives me the same chestplate its not random

    • B0NY434445 says:

      thats how its suppose to be, the whole point of the addon is that it gives a random item, dirt when broken usually gives dirt, the addon changes it to a chestpiece but there are 24 different loot tables you can switch to, if you switch it to a different one dirt might drop beacons or some other items same with every other block in the game,

  16. Guest-3926351617 says:

    Bony! Omg i used to play all of your modded xbox edition maps it was so fun im glad you are back on the grind dude!

  17. Guest-8245251663 says:

    Hmm.. It doesn’t randomise anything :((

  18. Guest-9320268950 says:

    You missed a few blocks. I forgot what they were. But one was I think purper. Otherwise it works pretty well.

  19. Guest-1316447761 says:

    It does not work very well with more than one person.

  20. Elbrayan says:

    A mí solo me deja asta el 7 y no puedo subirle alguien sabe el por qué y si te espacio suficiente?

  21. Guest-4173378042 says:

    Hey when i want Up the resolution minecraft say me i no have memory in my device

    • B0NY434445 says:

      yeah it really has nothing to do with your device memory it just uses the same slider for the resolution to change the loot table, so if you have a low end device it wont let you go past a certain point, thats the only way i was able to use more than one loot table but you should be able to use the first few without any problems

      • Guest-7267860226 says:

        I was having the same issue, glad I read this before deleting a bunch of apps to try make room. Maybe mention this in the addon description so people know before downloading?

        • B0NY434445 says:

          yeah ive had a lot of people confused about that, ill add it to the description, but the game adjust by itself to the the highest option available automatically so the first few should be playable no matter what device they are using

  22. Guest-3148511254 says:

    Yay, no adfly.

  23. Guest-5993527242 says:

    thanks for not using adfly 🙂

  24. Guest-1614374877 says:

    Is this available in realms

  25. Guest-5076167993 says:

    Is it compatible with multiplayer?

  26. Guest-8779176406 says:

    Me too

  27. Guest-3489363429 says:

    Not functional, randomizes nothing

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