Lord Herobrine

Lord Herobrine adds a new scary character to the game, surprisingly named Herobrine. He’s said to be Notch brother and that it is a character in the original game sometimes appearing. Notch has many times said this is not the case but the fans have continued to be obsessed about the character and now even creating mods where he’s an added element.

In this mod Herobrine can summon minions that look the same as he does. He also leave traces of himself like signs which says his name. And as if that wasn’t enough he can also send messages to you in the chat. This chat text is usually marked in red which adds an extra scary element to it. Also, if you manage to upset him he will throw you up in the air and just be generally hostile towards you.

How to summon Herobrine?

To summon Herobrine you must build a totem. It looks as the following:

*** = Gold Block
** = Netherrack
* = Fire

Put the blocks in the following order and wait..


Creator: Crafting_lord1

Download Herobrine Pack
Download Script
Download Texture Pack

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111 Responses

3.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    How many herobrines can you spawn at once?

  2. Gamer123 says:

    Links are broken. I clicked many times and it direct me here:

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do u install it

  4. Galaxygamer says:


  5. Andres Garcia says:

    It says that cannot be reached any other way?

  6. EricCraft474 says:


  7. Gordon Rose says:

    I want a Furniture mod

  8. Wesley says:

    It looks cool

  9. Minecraft master says:

    It’s not working as well

  10. Latrell says:

    It’s not working

  11. SMA2007 says:

    Please read ^^^^

  12. SMA2007 says:

    I really think you should let us PC people have the Mod without using WinZip Because I use Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

  13. Firespark says:

    Does it work on McLean 1.0.5

  14. Oliver says:

    I love Herobrine!

  15. Cyrus says:

    The file is doesn’t exist what version of Minecraft can be the mod activate please editor answer this

  16. Cyberious Rex says:

    I like this mod a lot. But I do have some ideas for a mod I’ve been thinking about. You think you can make it ?

  17. Riedhadhin says:

    I already try it but i dont see Herobrine. It just a sign and he talk with me
    Please help

  18. Riedhadhin says:

    Does it works without the blocklauncher app?

  19. FanaticWeb says:

    Great Mod! Thanks For Editor?

  20. Anonymous says:

    mcpedl,YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!
    My god my city is destroyed after a big battle with herobrine but its okay.Its a map i can download it anytime

  21. rntod says:

    Does it works to 11.1 ???

  22. Cameron says:

    What does it work for

  23. Cameron says:

    I wanted to see herobrine to

  24. Eric says:

    Cool mod

  25. Aadi says:

    Cool mod

  26. Christian.Illut says:

    Hi again.,why the texture pack or herobrine pack in not compatible in 0.14.0 how to update it??? Plss help and reply immediately…

  27. lil2muchswagger_23 says:

    Does it work for 0 .14.0?

  28. GameFreak23 says:

    Does it work for 14.0? And does herobrine battle with you? Please reply if it does not work for 14.0 can you tell me what herobrine mod works for 14.0?

  29. aden says:

    Does it works for 0.13.0

  30. Dayanara says:

    Please reply

  31. Ollie says:

    How do you stop herobrine?

  32. Emily says:

    Does it work on 0.12.1 ? Please tell me it works because I always wanted to see herobrine in my word

  33. Ollie says:

    Wow be careful

  34. Ollie says:

    That’s the correct answer

  35. Angel says:

    I am curious, as I am a mom & have no idea about all this. They have tab 2 ‘s android so it should work on there…is there a legit place/link I can get a mod 4 herobrine & put it on pc, sir? Thank you…so sorry to bother you. 🙂 Also, I have 1.8.8 in my pc now, I want herobrine & older mods so they don’t work in it. Can I just re download an older version & it run? Tried edit profile change…didn’t work. Thank you.

  36. Herobrine Boiling in Holy Water says:

    I want this mod, but I have an IPad. Why do mods only work for Android?

  37. the_witch says:

    This is good for 0.11?

  38. Milad Zakery says:

    Will this work for 0.11 alpha ?

  39. Minecrafter says:

    We must download Pack, Script, and Texture pack?
    Or Pack is Script and Texture Pack?
    Please Answer…

    • Editor says:

      If it’s a zip it will include a .js file and a zip file for textures. If it’s just a .js file you download then it’s just the mod.

  40. Patricia Mae says:

    How do I download it? Can I build the totem without the mod?

  41. Erin says:

    Lol I’m so stupid I tried it on my brothers ipod and I never installed the pack yet XD

  42. Erin says:

    P.S Does it work in the update 0.11.1

  43. Matthew says:

    Douse it work for the newest update 11.1

    Because I downloaded it and there is no hero brine I’ve tried everything

  44. Thank bro apmy is Lord Herobrine I’m a new Minecraft player just mode up my minecraft name and you make it
    As a mod thank you every much this make me so happy 🙂

  45. [ ] says:

    The texture pack is wierd. Tall grasses becomes crafting table. Lol. You said the link for the texture pack is UPDATED, then why do i see the gold a cactus and the nether block like a sponge. Fix IT.

  46. Nithursan says:

    I like to spawn herobrine

  47. connor says:

    Does anyone know a mod for iOS 8.2 i can install?

  48. connor says:

    Why is it not working for me?

  49. Lillie says:

    Do you have to have 9.0 version of minecraft to play

  50. Lillie says:

    How do you download the mod

  51. andre cruz says:

    How i downald the mod

  52. Maddy1423 says:

    Do you think it would work with iOS 7.1.2

  53. Rage101 says:

    How do u download it

  54. Skidas says:

    Is it for iOS?

  55. Lance Parker says:

    Does this work for the new update of 0.10.5

  56. Azariah says:

    Can this work in iOS devices and 0.10.0?

  57. Navid says:

    How To Install This Pack??

  58. edrine says:

    i get hard times for java script it needs a lot of requirements

  59. edrine says:

    why do mods for minecraft is (js) or java script? why not apk?

    • Editor says:

      .apk is the format for Android apps, like Minecraft Pocket Edition. .js is the file format for scripts like mods. It’s simply two different things.

  60. yeah says:

    The mod keeps crashing when i load it. Please help

  61. firmandana says:

    Can i summon herobrine with no mod?

    • Editor says:

      No. Herobrine doesn’t exist (so far) in the original version of Minecraft PE. If you want to have Herobrine in Minecraft PE you will need to install one of the various Herobrine mods.

  62. Andrei Guadayo says:

    Hello. How can I download the mod? It just takes me to the MediaFire website and even though I clicked the “Download” button it’s not working!

  63. kyawesome says:

    It does not work on 0.9.5

  64. john says:

    My texture pack is all screwed and everything is miss textured its weird.please fix

  65. Caleb says:

    Do u need both herobrine mod and the texture pack downloaded?

  66. Jordan says:

    How to do that

  67. Minecraftpro says:

    Does it work on 0.9.5 because I click download mod and it just shows a ton of writing

  68. Hello says:

    When i tap download it goes to a load of writing

  69. Is this mod good for 0.9.4?

  70. Mobo says:

    Can i create.mod review for this mod?

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