Lore Item+ Update 1.20

Stai cercando un addon che ti permetta di modificare i tuoi articoli? Allora dai un'occhiata a questo addon, ti offre la massima personalizzazione del tuo articolo in un modo molto semplice. Facile da installare e utilizzare, con un'interfaccia semplice e semplice.

Item Lore + allows you to change the name and lore of your minecraft bedrock edition items, through small gestures, attention the addon does not change the nbt of the object, but only the description, it does not add ✨ effects or 🔮 enchants of any kind, at least for now 🤔.

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Stable version of the item lore +

Manifest updated 1.20.10

Updated texture item lore admin ( 2D - 3D )

Fix crush game

Fix no load Addon

Fix minor bugs




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10/10 hoping for more addon!
Suggestion: Server Menu UI
it doesn't work on the newest update, on worlds and Realms. please update :(
When i try to exit the edit menu it goes back to the edit menu and i cant exit, what i am doing wrong?
Does this change that actual Item or does it just rename it?
does not work on the nbt side, but changes both its name and its lore, where spells are, does not add skills
THE TURNIP STUDIOS OFFICIAL June 09, 2023 at 2:47 am
Can I Use This For A Map?
yes of course, if you can leave the credits
Best UI I've ever seen 100/10 also please upload for 1.20 (idunno if working on latest gonna test it later)
the 1.20 update has been released in the channel and github, on mcpedl I'm waiting for them to update with the new version uploaded
I can't use the admin one for some reason, what should I do to fix this?
you must have the admin tag, you see it in the video