Published on August 24, 2021 (Updated on January 12, 2022)

Lower Swords

Have you ever watched your favourite youtuber and noticed that their swords are short? Well, if you have, now you can be like them!This pack makes the swords smaller and lower.


This is the completely default sword texture, just shortened, so don’t expect any massive difference with textures except for it being lower down and shortened on your screen

What this pack looks like when pvping: 

very nice.

Here is what it will look like when waking around: 


I cannot guarantee that this will improve your pvp/gameplay but personally it has helped a LOT. It now only takes up 10% of your screen rather than the usual 30%.


psst its also great for content creation, it looks way better 😉.



You can use the textures from this pack in your own minecraft pack. It isnt exactly the hardest pack to make.

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• Added 1.18 support

• Added 1.17 support

• Updated domains to comply with mcpedl’s policies.


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