LS: Admin Tools – Function Pack (Updated)

  Admin tools is designed to stop you from typing long commands such as /setblock ~ ~ ~ stone when your building in the air. Instead of typing /setblock ~ ~ ~ stone just type /function stone. Admin tools is also designed to stop you from need to spam commands or spawn eggs as seen in the newest update 0.1.3. Instead of spawning 20 cows manually you can just type /function ms_cow_20. Ms stands for multiple spawn, cow is what you want to spawn, you can replace this with pig, sheep or chicken (more coming soon). 20 is how many you want spawn, it only goes up in tens to make support for every mob easier (Coming soon)

All commands:

  • clearlag – kills all items
  • stone – sets current pos to stone
  • killall – kills all
  • killall_but – Kills everything but mobs with the keep tag
  • killall_items – Does what clearlag does but with no warning
  • ffly_me – Disables your fly (EDU)
  • tfly_me – Enables your fly (EDU)
  • fmute_me – Mutes you (EDU)
  • tmute_me – Unmutes you (EDU)
  • up(Number) – Tps you up (Number can be: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
  • ms_lag – summons 1000 pigs 
  • ms_(Mob) _(Number) – Summons cows (Number can be: 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100) (Mob can be: pig,cow,chicken,sheep)
  • thru – Teleports you through walls and doors
  • void_me – Sends you to the void
New From last update

Coming soon

-Kill Mob: This command will kill a certain mob, it will look like this /function km_

-God mode: Inspired by the server command /godmode this command will make the people unbeatable and immortal. I just know this command is going to be abused.

Anti-grief: This command clears tnt and lava buckets from players inventory. This command needs a command block to work.

-And more: I could list all day things i could add to make life easier.

Changelog View more

Not a pack update but the fact that the (Number) and (Mob) was missing in the command section made me want to update it. 

  • Added void_me to command section

Please refer to previous changelog

This update: (0.1.4) - Please report game crashes (1 reported)

  • Help commands have been removed, please refer to this page for all commands

Use education edition:

  • Added ffly_me - disables your fly
  • Added fmute_me - mutes you
  • Added tfly_me - enables your fly
  • Added tmute_me - Unmutes you

Other new commands:

  • Added thru -  teleports you through walls and doors
  • Added void_me - creates a hole that sends you to the void

This update (0.1.3)

-Multiple spawn: "Multiple spawn" spawns multiple mobs with one command such as 10 cows!

-MS LAG: want to annoy your friends by crashing their game and yours at the same time? Well your in luck with MS LAG you can make sure that your world will not be playable anymore! (Should i remove this) BTW: it spawns 1000 pigs.

-Up: The up command teleports you up that a mount blocks so if you want to be teleported 10 blocks up you type /function up10


If mcpe version is before 1.14:



Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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41 Responses

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  1. WearyGuy says:

    Can we replace the “me” by any other player?

  2. Guest-8230604430 says:

    You should add a way to see and take items from another player’s inventory.

  3. Guest-5474571690 says:

    could you maybe add this to the addons app?
    its not working for me…
    (everytime i try to put it into minecraft (ipad btw) it just says invalid zip archive)
    could you do anything to fix this?

  4. Guest-1966793832 says:

    Me and littie are friends

  5. Guest-6335260649 says:

    Is this able to mute other players?

  6. Guest-4340041164 says:

    Invetory se

  7. Guest-1418077545 says:

    The mcpack isnt working

  8. Guest-9262585916 says:

    How to download on iOS

  9. Littie6amer says:

    Hello there, 0.1.4 has been finished and has been send you’ll see it soon!

  10. Guest-8744332369 says:

    Yo my man literally no pack on bedrock rn has /invsee
    If you put that it’ll dominate, my team needs a pack with it for our realm currently, you can contact me at “imsupertoasted” on insta

  11. Rylan Summerfelt says:

    well the problem is that i did this but completely different so i did /function spawn-pig-64 as a example but i did no up and did function cl as clear

  12. Panda Chan says:

    Will you add a “/function Troll list” Command lol
    Or “/function wand” That gives you wand that helps us build.. U know like other plugin

  13. JPawsome555 says:

    I saw the upcoming commands and i need /thru for a world that i have. Im not rushing, but when is it coming out?

  14. Littie6amer says:

    Thank you for you suggestion, your suggestion is very helpful and ill add it to this function pack, dont worry ill credit you. Ill like AdminTool s to be what the minecraft community wants in a helpful fuction pack.

  15. Wyattiscool says:

    Anon I download hole mod instead

  16. Anon says:

    For god mode just do: effect @s instant_health 100000 255
    You might want resistance mixed in just in case, but instant health works much better than resistance 255 because instead of getting knocked around and turning red, you just don’t take damage. Anyways, just a suggestion.

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