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Published on April 17, 2017 (Updated on July 07, 2018)

Lucky Block Challenge [PvP]

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The link looks like a virus.
When I go to download the map it b inns me to a website that doesn’t let me be able to download the world. Fix this please. If not fixed I will give a worse rating than it already is
help the link is broken i think for mc.addon
Help the McWorld file I can't get HELP ME SOMEONE!
Help the McWorld file is not loading. HELP!!!!
how do you install it? i know how to download it, but where do i put the files after i extract them
You can put them in games (look it up if you don’t know how to get there) and go to the folder com.mojang then the folder minecraftWorlds! Hope this helps!

Ps only 12 lol
The map is dantdms lab
Hi. I was wondering if there was a way to delay the "clear ground items" command. sometimes when you break a block, it will clear the drop right away. if you could add that into the update, or reply telling me how to delay or get rid of this command that would be awesome!
Btw Mrcrainer ripped off Popularmmos with mostly everything, including the lucky block challenge, yet you give credit to him and not Pat.... Confused but not sure about ssundee so -1
But the map is good I guess , but because the other thing, 3 stars
Typo changes should be chances
Creator. Can you send me the link to the mod you used for this.
This is a really good map im really happy you included everything all the addons really good i didnt play with friends bc noone joined me so i did one myself im lonely add me please SRGSKINNER211 anyways its amazing i enjoy it so much thank you creator
and the uploader thank you both
I love this map 5 stars but how do u reset it
To reset it i just deleted it and reloaded it back to minecraft but just to save time down below delete there is copy world jut do that a bunch of times
Ye but then it won’t delete ur progress so it’ll still be like that
Can you make another map like this with levels