Best Lucky Block (Addon!)

Hello there! this add-on adds a block called Lucky Block to your game. it can give you different items when you break this block. What can come out of it is never predictable. it can also be found in your world.

How does it work?

If you want this block to happen in the world, activate the package before creating the world. then it will appear in the world. Lucky Block cannot be done with the craft table

What are the features?

seen in mines around the world. 32 to 0 layers. very rare in the world. so it’s hard to find.

what comes out of it?

  • wool in many different colors
  • magical items
  • redstone tools
  • foods and more

It has the same features as the real Lucky Block pc version. Also friendly for survival

Check me for any errors.

don’t forget to leave a comment. 🙂


You can only share the plugin with my link if you use it on youtube or on the site you will publish.

or share it anywhere. provided my connection is given

it is not allowed

When sharing the plugin, you won’t have to say that you or someone else did.

Lake – was created by Resul Yılmaz.

  • Uyarı !: Dünyayı yaratmadan önce deneysel oyunu etkinleştirin. Deneysel oyunu dünyayı inşa ettikten sonra aktif yaparsanız. Madenlerde görünmez!

Changelog View more

What has changed with this version!

  • experimental game must be active!

changes I made in this version:

  • okay, in the comments you said that this explanation is not enough. I made a short video too.

what has changed with this release:

  • I didn't change much. I mean, I just put the video. because the pictures are low
  • some articles have been changed.
  • featured image has been changed.
  • The name of the plugin has been changed.
  • supported versions have been duplicated.
the description has changed. no other changes. please download! please

I did not steal from anyone else. I did it myself. I just wanted to say it has the same features as the real lucky block

How can I get permission from the Java builder?

and how java what? I do it on the phone and I don't have a computer

now enough please accept all of the ones i send you waiting day by day and I think I explained it very well and no other picture is needed


First we wait 5 seconds when the link is opened. Then we click the Skip the advertisement button. Then click the download button from the link that appears.

download file

click the share button

transfer to minecraft

have fun


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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43 Responses

4.4 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-8283416753 says:

    Better, i know this is normal but the better lucky blocks onloy support 1.14 but minecraft 1.16.0 is released.. Good one

  2. Guest-3706940704 says:

    Hey man, I love this mod its super fun me and my friends love it cause it doesn’t lag our games at all. But I do have one suggestion, can you make a way to craft them? I think it could be cool,

  3. Anyone can take videos and put them on YouTube, provided that I give my link.

  4. Guest-1420453596 says:

    Can I use it for my YouTube video I will give you the credit

  5. Guest-6995908225 says:

    Can u do a command to obtain the lucky block?

  6. Guest-1598086187 says:

    Hello friend, can you tell me the command to acquire these luckyblocks?, I already activated the Experimental Game before creating the world and the luckyblocks have not been added in my world yet, I am in beta, try commands, inventory, caves and others, there is nothing.

    • my friend. it turns out so rare that sometimes I don’t think this is there. :). Let me tell you why it turns out rare. because there are a lot of nice things coming out of it. sometimes even end dragon eggs come out.

      • Guest-5360205550 says:

        I too would love the command to get these lucky blocks because I would love to just test it out in creative and would love to make a world for my siblings and I to mess around on, thank you

  7. Guest-6652593250 says:

    Hola amigo, me puedes decir el comando para adquirir estos luckyblocks ?, ya active el Juego Experimental antes de crear el mundo y los luckyblocks aun no se añadieron en mi mundo, estoy en la beta, probe comandos, inventario, cuevas y demas, no hay nada.

  8. activate the experimental game. If you have 1.14 and above minecraft, the game will run smoothly.

  9. Guest-6110860371 says:

    man, can you try to make it work on beta? because isn’t workng! if you can make pls.

  10. Guest-9141008431 says:

    How can i get those lucky blocks? I already checked mines, inventory and commands.

  11. Guest-3874272317 says:

    the fact that you cant craft this immediately makes this one of the worst lucky block addons, also seeing a lot of people saying this isn’t anything like the real lucky block addon.

  12. Scio says:

    General Kenobi!

  13. Guest-2550728596 says:

    Not working mate. Dunno how to get them. Tried commands and not in inventory.

  14. Guest-9398311719 says:

    It just drop item that’s it no badluck like falling anvil create structures 99.9% garbage more like worst lucky block

  15. Guest-9778292286 says:

    How do you get them because they are not in my inventory or anything!!! I even searched for them!!!

  16. Guest-2538190317 says:

    ca you craft it

  17. Guest-8316047242 says:

    Could I get it from commands

  18. Guest-9977264179 says:

    i love it just can u make spiral and astral. thank you SO MUCH

  19. Guest-9245552476 says:

    Sup dude, i wanna do a lucky block x randomizer challenge in mcpe. Is it fine if i use this in youtube? I will credit this link in the description.
    YT: Skyuubi / DelusionalChris_
    (the name maybe either both of those since i changed it earlier)

  20. Guest-1254240037 says:

    Its alright


  21. Guest-4526035512 says:

    Fun mod. Seems to work as intended.

  22. Guest-4961960497 says:

    great plugin. thank you so much

  23. Guest-4886406701 says:


  24. Guest-9922056439 says:

    this actually tried to give a virus

  25. Guest-4532463815 says:

    Can you make structures as well like falling anvil and water flood

  26. MorbidNoob says:

    It’s a lie. This is not the same as the PC version. Don’t believe it. It’s a lie.

  27. Guest-2159679525 says:

    Cool Add-on

  28. Guest-4506039895 says:

    Can you plz make more pics😃

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