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Published on January 11, 2017 (Updated on January 11, 2017)

Lucky Block Race [Minigame] (Addon!)

Lucky Block Race is a fun multiplayer minigame where players have to run through a course and destroy lucky blocks. Every time a lucky block is destroyed anything can happen. Sometimes you will get valuable items such as an iron sword and other times a creeper or something else dangerous might spawn. There is really no way to tell what will happen other than giving it a try in-game!

Creator: Party Squad (Lucky Block Addon by Sprintermax, Twitter Account)

How to play?

This map requires 2-4 players. As soon as everyone have entered the map then start a countdown from 10 before you start running.

Every time that you come across a lucky block you must first destroy it before you are allowed to continue.

In the end of the racing course you have to fight to death against the other survivors and the last man or woman standing is the winner.

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ta cheto
The lucky blocks are actually pigs in disguise wtf.
the map downloads but the blocks itslef spawn nothing
i know should have read the comments first
The map is not well made, there is no reset button, and the "blocks" drop no loot. The spawn eggs drop bacon and i think you should redo the entire map
yes it does work, you have to put the behavior pack but it doesn't even work for multiplayer. My sister and I were playing and when she broke the blocks it dropped nothing
Guys it's an old add-on who replace pig and it's normal if it doesn't working
Nice! Well it dose drop stuff, it’s just you need to activate the behavior pack! Go in behavior packs and press my packs and active the lucky block behavior pack! it’s Amazing me, my sister and cousin loved this!
It docent drop loot
it doesn't drop anything because u dont have the behavior pack on
I have the behaviour pack on it still doesn't work
doesn't* aprende ingles weon
For China Users:
If you import this, make sure to rename "world_resource_packs.json" and "world_behavior_pakcs.json" to "netease_world_resource_packs.json" and "netease_world_behavior_pakcs.json".
No thanks cuz I'm Lei Feng.
rename after importing it
I'm pretty sure it's because of the different engine NetEase uses for Minecraft
Ik vind het leuk dat je dit hebt gemaakt
I love popurlarmmos to. # Fave
they drop porkchop or nothing