Lucky Block Race

Welcome to the lucky block race, break every block, do slash spawnpoint at every beacon, and fight at the end!!!! The lucky blocks are made by: effect99.

The colored blocks are made by: TheMoreMod

My discord is


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12 Responses

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  1. Guest-8548537297 says:

    how do i reload the map???

  2. Gabe12704 says:

    This game will not work in the nether update

  3. Guest-7585094998 says:

    I love this map, it is well made, and plus i joined the discord, is really neat

  4. Guest-7082844009 says:

    So? he made another one. It’s good too

  5. Guest-7186100863 says:

    This is a re upload of someone else’s map.

  6. Guest-2100654037 says:


  7. Guest-2730828127 says:


  8. Idea Machine says:

    These already exsist

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