Lucky Blocks (Demo) (Command Blocks) [Redstone]

In this map you’ll find a redstone creation which can be used for replacing the sponge with a lucky block and it even has its own unique behaviors. There are many mods and add-ons which have added lucky blocks to the game but this is the first map to do it without any mods. However, there are some downsides. For example, it will only work if it is placed on one specific location.

Creator: SardineBackbord

How does it work?

Press the button at spawn to automatically teleport to the redstone creation. There you will find a lucky block on the ground and you will also receive one in your own inventory. The main downside with this creation is that it has to be placed down at the exact location (which the sign points at) in order to work.

A bunch of different things can happen when breaking a lucky block. If you are lucky you will get a diamond sword, some iron gear or some food. However, if the luck isn’t on your side today then some bad things can happen (such as monsters spawning).

To make this work there are more than 20 different command blocks and all of it is connected by redstone.

Important: This map requires the 1.0.5 beta (Android users sign up here)!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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37 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Meri says:

    Please do not download. I got a virus on my phone after downloading this.

  2. MeCraft316 says:

    Oh i can

  3. Titanic lover says:

    Does not work

  4. Dan says:

    I’m pretty good with commands, but kind of suck at /execute commands, could you also make a map to help players with these commands?


    Bro this is sooo gay only two are good and the rest are bad

  6. AceUndead says:

    Awesome map but what if you could set up a block to detect an item like sponge on the ground and destroy it and spawn a new one where it needs to go

  7. Hi says:

    What version is this map?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why are windows and android have the most mods and add ons

  9. Minecraft says:

    lol I’m not going back but it crashes all day when you are not in my room

  10. Keep says:

    Why are there so many evil things in this block!!!!!

  11. Zeekachu says:

    If you need lucky blocks do /give @p sponge 64 (Because the lucky blocks are made of sponges)

  12. TrueAC says:

    How did you retexture the sponge?

  13. School says:

    Hey there
    A video has been made
    Have a nice day

  14. Exact.modsOffical says:

    If your on a device where you can’t get the beta download aptoide and go to minecraft and go to other versions and select

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. MLGPlayer_YT says:

    I am a youtuber with an iOS ipad and I can’t do gameplay with the 1.0.5 update pls hellppppppppppppppp

    • says:

      We can’t help you… Read this.(above the download link)
      Important: This map requires the 1.0.5 beta (Android users sign up here)!

  17. Taha7484 says:

    How do you spawn command block?!?

  18. Pixel_slayer says:

    This Creation is well done!!! 👍

  19. Raisen1920 says:

    Can you please build a mcpe map that teaches us to build more complex stuffs with command blocks, please, I want to learn more about command blocks or related to it. I look forward for that

  20. Marshmallows says:

    Wow Soso cool

  21. Guest says:

    Really Good!


    First comment COOL!!

  23. Paradiscal says:

    You could use a radius command, then it wouldn’t need to be on an exact block.

  24. Juan says:

    Why is the lucky block side ways

  25. ARTISTIC BOY!! says:

    I wish the update is up for IOS <3

  26. Juan says:

    I am the first one

  27. Juan says:

    I love lucky blocks

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