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Lucky Easter Eggs V1.0 (Common, Rare, Epic, OP)

This add-on is to celebrate Easter

Happy Easter Everyone 

This add-on adds Common, Rare, Epic, and Op Easter eggs 

This Addon is perfect for Manhunts, Mini-Games, Survival or just to mess around with your friends 

Have Fun :)

Happy Easter :)


Common Easter Egg

Needs 4 coal and 1 egg to craft 

Can drop Diamonds, Redstone, Golden Apples, Rail, and more! 



Rare Easter Egg

Needs 4 Iron Ingot and 1 egg to craft

Can Drop Potions, Iron Armor, Gold_ingots, and more!


Epic Easter Eggs

Needs 4 Gold Ingots and 1 egg to craft

Can Drop Diamonds, Lapis, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, and more!



OP Easter Egg

Needs 4 Diamonds and 1 egg to craft

Can Drop Diamonds, Gold_blocks, Potions, Netherite, Netherite Tools, Diamond Armor, Enchanted Diamond Armor and more!




Note: sorry if this is posted after Easter


Showcase :  


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fixed youtube showcase link 

fixed youtube link because it was broken 


make sure you turn on all content creator/experimental features :) 

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It won’t let me download it
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