Harvest Indicator (Lulu Tweaks)

This pack will help u see if the crops are done or not. And this is gonna be a pack series called “lulu tweaks” hope you will enjoy those packs

crops and other growables will have a indicator if u can harvest them
the list of things are:

cocoa beans
melon and pumpkin stems
chorus fruit
nether wart
bee hives and nests
berry bushes

Changelog View more

Made the description more brief cause of the changes i made

Removed the outline ores subpack the reason is: am making a seprate pack with them dont worry about that.

changed chorus plant

new pack icon

page update:

new thumbnail

new name (it was first lulu survival help pack)

new description

new images and removed the images that has stuff in it that got removed

added discord server link

added my insparation in the description

added the nether wart final stage

(forgot about that one)

added the option to turn on and off outlined ores/stones

added a .zip option on the mcpedl page

changed the title
added chorus fruit
added pumkin stem (connect)
added melon stem (connect)


download the mcpack

go to downloads folder

click on it and it should import


Supported Minecraft versions




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11 Responses

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  1. Sirensgem says:

    Fails to import after several times. Is the mcpack broken or something? I’ve been importing it the correct way.

  2. this might take abit but my plan now is to make the outlined ores a seprate pack and not a subpack so alot of changes are gonna be made to the mcpedl page so things can be outdated

  3. ItsEliPlayzYT says:

    Thank You Creator

  4. HelloHiHello says:

    Can you add a zip file to the pack folder? I have a bug on my end where I can’t download mcpacks or mcworlds. It looks like a good pack btw

  5. Call Of Nothing says:

    Cab You Make A Pack With Only The Crops?

  6. Breno2008__ says:

    Thank you! It helped me a lot!

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