Lumberjack Addon (v2.1.0)

Are you tired of collecting a lot of logs? Then this Add-on is just for you! Lumberjack Add-on add a new mob named “Lumberjack”, who cuts down trees around him every 15 seconds. He also picks up logs on the ground. He has more ability helpful for your exploration. Please read below!

General Features

  • spawns in taiga, jungle or anywhere which has forest biome tag
  • has 20 health 
  • gets injured in the head if lower than 25% of max health
  • healable with ‘bread’
  • can pick up specific items
  • can share items between them, if given a ‘gold nugget’
  • has inventory, which turns to be public when given an ’emerald’
  • nameable
  • leashable
  • can break leaves
  • can be tempted with ‘gold ingot’
  • You can toggle cutting ability with ‘stick’
  • You can toggle pick-up ability with ‘lever’

To get access to Lumberjack’s inventory, you must pay an ’emerald’ to him. If his inventory is open to you, he has an emerald badge on his chest.

To stop him picking up, tap him with ‘lever’, and a yellow black cross sign will show up on his left hand. The same way to restart picking up.

Shareable items (it means pickupable)

  • all kinds of logs
  • stick 
  • items monsters droped


Giving an axe to Lumberjack allow him to chop down trees around him every 15 seconds,
To stop cutting, tap the Lumberjack with ‘stick’, and yellow black cross sign will show up like this,

Supported axes are wooden, stone, iron, golden and diamond axe. Cutting distance in block increases from 1 to 5, as it goes to the right.

Level System of Lumberjack

On the latest version(v2.0.0), Lumberjack has got a level system, which means he will gain 1 level when chopping down trees. If reaching level:50, his axe in the hand will upgrade, like stone axe is replaced by iron axe.


Giving a sapling allows Lumberjack to plant trees every minute. You can check what kind of trees is being planted by looking at his left hand.

To cancel planting, give him a ‘stick’.
Note that Lumberjack can’t have both abilities of cutting and planting at the same time. 

Lumberjacks given a ‘gold nugget’ can share items between them, if they have no equipment in their right hand. Taking advantage of this feature, You can automatically steal the items they have in their inventory with hopper. 


Given ‘iron sword’, ‘bow’, ‘crossbow’ or ‘trident’, Lumberjack becomes Soldier, who has a weapon to defend village, like ‘iron golem’ does.

Soldier’s features

  • fights monsters within his eyesight
  • defends village 
  • has 40 health (v2.0.0~)
  • 10 damages with sword
  • 6 damages with bow or crossbow
  • 8 damages with trident
  • can be full armored with iron armors. Give an ‘iron helmet’ to Soldier
  • tameable with ‘gold ingot’. They will follow and fight with you.
  • can’t become Soldier if having shareability (to prevent bug happening)

Strengthened Soldier

Soldier will be strengthened if he has 100 fights with mobs. (2.0.0~). So keep his health in mind so that he won’t be killed by monsters..
I’ll rebuild this feature as a level system on the future version.

Strengthened Sword Soldier

  • has an enchanted ‘iron sword’ (sharpness V)
  • moves faster (0.7 →0.85)
  • has longer reach (4.0 → 6.0)
  • has more health (40 → 80) 

Strengthened Bow Soldier (Sniper)

  • has an enchanted ‘bow’
  • can shoot 5 times longer (16 → 80 in blocks)
  • has more health (40 → 80)
  • damages much more ,but needs 4 seconds interval to shoot (6 → 25)
  • can’t attack enemies under 16 blocks from this mob 

Helpful Commands

I left some helpful functions in my pack to test the behaviors. 

  • /function test/cut…a test kit for cutting
  • /function test/plant…summon a Lumberjack and give all kinds of saplings
  • /function test/soldier…a test kit for Soldier

Terms of Use

You may:

  • Use this addon for fun.
  • Record this for your video sharing, such as on YouTube.
  • Read its files,

You may not:

  • Upload this file any other website without my permission.
  • Copy all of its scrips to create your addon.
  • Use its textures without my permission.


You must turn on experimental game play, or it wouldn’t work.
This addon overwrites “arrow” behavior, so it couldn’t work correctly depending on your another addon.

To work on 1.14, you need to download one for 1.14. On the version, their texture never changes when injured.

Changelog View more


  • add crossbow as supported weapons
  • add trident as supported weapons
  • added v2.0.0 for minecraft bedrock 1.14
  • added test functions


  • fixed the problem that tamed soldier keeps staying in the village
  • fixed the problem that picked-up items are gone
  • fixed the problem that a little freeze occur when Lumberjack is chopping
  • supported stone and golden axe
  • added new textures for Soldier
  • added sounds on interactions
  • added a level system for Lumberjack
  • changed specifications of Strengthened Soldier
  • changed some of the parameters of Soldier
  • weapon will be given back when you exchange Soldier's weapon


  • fixed the problem that tamed soldier keeps staying in the village
  • fixed the problem that picked-up items are gone
  • fixed the problem that a little freeze occur when Lumberjack is chopping
  • supported stone and golden axe
  • added new textures for Soldier
  • added sounds on interactions
  • added a level system for Lumberjack
  • changed specifications of Strengthened Soldier
  • changed some of the parameters of Soldier
  • weapon will be given back when you exchange Soldier's weapon
  • fixed the problem that Lumberjack never spawns[1.1.2]
  • described the changes caused by minecraftBE on this article
  • added zip file, download it if you have any problem with ,mcaddon file

  • change sword_soldier(not strengthened) not to attack creeper
  • reduced accidents such as overwriting diamond axe
  • increased spawn rate


  • added simple animations of cutting and planting
  • added tameability of Soldier
  • added strengthened Soldier
  • added breakability of leaves
  • modified geometry
  • modified shareability
  • changed cutting interval


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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Installation Guides

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36 Responses

3.77 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-1606029972 says:

    I think we should be able to make them follow u or stand in their positions like wolves as u please, bt whnvr its attacked by a foreign player or hostile mob, all the guards fight it together and if 1 guard is attacked,rest of them should retaliate…i think it wud be a gr8 idea…just a suggestion…😂😂

  2. Astrokylo1 says:

    You should add miner other than that good addon👍

  3. Guest-3524699970 says:

    Works great on singleplayer but doesn’t work at all on realms which defeats the whole purpose of using it for online play.

  4. Guest-9895722481 says:

    I can’t see the lumberjack for some reason, I play on minecraft 1.14.

    • It’s a kind of problems that your minecraft failed to apply my resource pack to your world. Check your world folder (com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/YOURWORLD. The directory to this depends on your device)
      I don’t like this question cause I answered many times. Invisible means a read error of resource packs

  5. Guest-4035990032 says:

    On Xbox the lumberjacks don’t pick anything up regardless of toggle and the same goes for soldier. Other then that great addon and you should add a recall feature like ringing the bell or a interact-able block that calls all lumbers in the area to come back or something.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry but I don’t have minecraft for xbox, so I can’t reproduce your problem in my environment. One of causes I think is the addon version you downloaded is different. If you downloaded the addon for 1.16 and played on version 1.14, that could happen.
      I’ll try to add your idea to this. Thank you!

  6. Guest-6804414289 says:

    Add some Crossbow and Trident 🙂

  7. Guest-5487073621 says:

    I love the mod and think its amazing, but one problem, even when the lumberjack is not chopping he seems to cause immense lag spurts im not sure if its just me but its a pretty annoying issue.

  8. Guest-3990267811 says:

    The mod would be great, but on version 1.14.2 the lumberjack often has an invisible skin. How can this be solved?

  9. Guest-5661802829 says:

    It is only recommended on 1.14
    Sorry I am not log in

  10. Guest-4858512284 says:

    what’s the command to spawn him in?

  11. I forgot to write which axe is supported on this addon. Only wooden, iron and diamond, and each cutting distance in blocks is 1, 3, 5.

  12. Guest-1796654470 says:

    Hello creator, I tried applying this addon on 1.16( beta ) and applied the resources as global but still the Lumberjack is invisible and the spawn_egg doesnt use the correct label just a long string of code.

    • I admit there are surely bugs for some reason, but they aren’t caused by my addon, it’s just because of minecraft’s bug, I think.
      I reinstalled my minecraft, and opened the addon which I downloaded from Mediafire. I create a new world, but the addon didn’t applied. But I tried creating a new world again, it worked. So what you need to do is check your world folder (games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/your_world_folder) with explorer. If the resource pack is being applied, there should be a folder named “Lumberjack” in “resourse_packs” folder of your world folder. If it isn’t there, just copy and paste from an applied world.
      Just I wanna say is did you really try what you can do not on my addon to solve the problem?

  13. Guest-1481443358 says:

    I play on 1.16 beta and it still doesn’t work. The lumberjack is invisible for some reason

  14. I tried to do so at first, but I couldn’t… Instead, I made them share their items. So what you can do is to fence off one of them as a “receiver”, and place some hoppers under the fences ,connecting them to your chest. Here is a picture of the example.
    Although you can’t collect all the items in their inventory in this way, please make a compromise for now.

  15. Guest-4433712264 says:

    Bro why in my minecraft the skin is blank like invisible i cant see him because he is invisible and maybe bugs problem

    • It is maybe because you don’t use beta version of minecraft. If so, I’m planning to upload a new one reduced some of the features to work on 1.14 in a few days, please wait and download it. If not so, please tell me what type of device(win10,ios,or android) and what version of minecraft you use.

      • Guest-2916704856 says:

        Android bro

        • Try the followings.
          ・create another world, and check whether or not the addon applied.
          ・check whether or not there is my addon in your world folder with invisible problem in your file manager, not in minecraft app. if there not, copy and paste from another applied world, or directly from my zip file(I’ll upload soon)
          ・apply my resource pack as global resource
          I had the same problem with my android, and resolved it in this way. If you have any trouble with this process, reply again.

  16. Guest-7096424905 says:

    hey man i love it. could you make it so that we could put different skins on it? just so if i have a village of these guys they don’t all have to look the same.

    • I’m sorry, but I think it difficult, because I have already used all the marks to differentiate the component_groups.(variant, mark_variant, skin_id). I mean, I can’t varify the mob just for different skins.

      • I came up with an idea, but you need to create your custom textures for Lumberjack.
        I’ll (or you’ll) added 3 new different mobs which have the same features as Lumberjack, and named like Lumberjack_1,Lumberjack_2… They look the same at first, but if you overwrite texture with your own packs, then they look different.

        Thanks, this is a good idea. I can make them more variafull. I’ll manage to upload a new version with this feature in a few weeks.

  17. Guest-6983314449 says:

    the download link is not working …………

  18. Guest-6983314449 says:

    the download link is not working

  19. Guest-8603286019 says:

    Could you make it that we can put a chest near them and they could place all their items in the chest.

  20. Guest-3585950509 says:


  21. Guest-4360410551 says:

    Joe mama, (I like this btw)

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