LusciousKneez’s Mobs

This addon aims to add enhance each area of Minecraft. It consists of a few creatures that I designed. I also made this to work on my skills in coding addons. This current version is made to be compatible with realms and other addons, so no custom items, blocks, or biomes yet. Currently there are two marine animals and one flying creature. This description will only explain two of these animals as not to spoil one of them 🙂

The first creature you will find in your world is the Wryzler, , a flying electrical serpent creature that will do do whatever it can to defend it’s territory. They spawn in relatively large groups in the extreme hills and make for quite a formidable foe. Currently they behave pretty similar to phantoms but I have plans for them later.

The second creature you will find is the Trapjaw, a highly territorial squid like creature. This creature can do quite a bit of damage to an unsuspecting player, but it will only attack once before leaving the target alone.

The last creature in the current version is ^C&^#$H&#^Y&**R*^%#I^*(B^*&*D&(*I*&(S, never mind, its to epic to share the data, but it spawns in the frozen oceans, that’s all I can say.

Good Luck!

PS: sorry I used for the link, I need recommendations for a better shortener.


Download the resource and behaviour 

Enable experimental gameplay in your world (optional)

Apply resource and behaviour packs to your world and save changes


Supported Minecraft versions


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62 Responses

4.71 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. steve124 says:

    This is so good, looks like lots of effort was put into it.

  2. I plan on updating this at some point

  3. Blue Raptorex 16 YT says:

    When Will You Update SubnautiCraft

  4. Guest-3575715904 says:

    For the Wrizler Mob
    1.Have them spawn in different Size from Young(2blocks long,1 block high)to full adult(9blocks high,14 blocks long)
    2. Give them legs and talons
    3.diffrent color varients
    4.diffrent elements
    5.Mountable When 5blocks high in age
    6.has eating,sleeping and eating animations
    7.items can craft Wrizler texture tools and armor that inflick and negate poison status
    8 spits Fire(Nether),Ice(Tundra),and Poison(Normal)
    9.has nest
    10. Attacks Every mob
    11.has death animation

  5. Guest-4294241427 says:

    Can you add some sounds for the creatures plss

  6. Guest-3423434752 says:

    Your complement could be one that I know a lot about mowzie mobs and for that I would recommend that you put yourself as a mega fallen knight or a fallen angel, to give something similar to nibbles from karmaland I would also recommend that you put a presided plant that there is but make it different

  7. Guest-8714127146 says:

    Wryzlers spawn rate is too HIGH.
    I love the addon but with this installed you cant approach to the extreme hills even with a diamond armor!
    Pls low the wryzlers spawn rate

  8. Guest-3584163781 says:

    soooooo….whens the next update?

  9. Guest-4057272783 says:

    Could you make one of the mobs tameable and mountable? I’d love to have a flying mount in the game for much easier travel!

  10. TerrorizerE says:

    Mowzies mobs 2.0

  11. Guest-9923178780 says:

    Reminds me of mouseis mobs ahah ahah ima pe player so I’ve only Seen vids keep up the good work

  12. Project dimensions says:

    Hi luscious it’s me the owner of project dimensions server hi! Nice addon

  13. Guest-6649151888 says:

    Absolutely love it! This is one of the greater addons ive seen with so much potential!

  14. Guest-6421146804 says:

    Is that a rip-off mowzie’s mobs naga I see?

    • It was inspired by it, but it is in no way a ripoff

      • Guest-9632505966 says:

        Bro it would be possible that you put a mob called a fallen angel or a fallen angel that when killing her gives you an item like a spear that she uses would be a good boss for your complement, the little dragons those please lower their cup in my house an similar as 800 and I don’t live in extreme mountains please

  15. Guest-1449410373 says:

    Great job so far, look interesting and i am looking forward for what is next . About the fruit, i think it should be a special meat instead, possibly dropped by a giant bull or something like that, so it’s not that easy to get it .

  16. Guest-1720002745 says:

    pls add Diamond Crab and his Dead animation!

  17. Guest-6251373623 says:

    Really good modelling, and unique ideas. WOULD definitely recommend to make a java version when you are done with it. In regards to the fruit you might use for taming the Wryzlers, it could be a fruit-pod-like entity that attacks you, and when you kill it it drops the fruit, which you can use to either grow more of them, or to tame the wryzler. Seeing as you are having problems adding custom items, you might just make an enchanted Apple as a placeholder.

  18. Guest-1931314652 says:

    que aplicaciones usaste

  19. Guest-7042485761 says:

    Works on realms?

  20. The Crying Mech says:

    Is trapjaw mob A?

  21. Guest-4588159337 says:

    Health And Damage of Creature Pls

  22. Guest-9063680818 says:

    As una hydra y que sea Del pantano

  23. Guest-3724057451 says:

    You should make some dragons or something that’s tameable

  24. Guest-2701020160 says:

    An entire day took you to make all three of these creatures cool!

  25. Mushroomisland says:

    Just use direct link, is unsafe.

  26. Guest-4606328579 says:


  27. Guest-9646512478 says:

    you can make a Gorgon or a swamp dragon

  28. Guest-6860945251 says:

    Hay plz don’t use adfly I know you apologized but the ads are inappropriate and messed up I think we should have a petition to ban adfly lol no but seriously Creators should not use adfly I don’t mean to sound like a Soccer mom but adfly sometimes shows inappropriate adds and can give you Digital Viruses

  29. Guest-8348852829 says:

    Does it work on 1.16 beta?

  30. Beam006 says:

    You should add t-rex based mob create by yourself and boar based mob create by yourself as well

  31. blood eye says:


  32. Guest-6062522639 says:

    could you add more mobs and new drops.

  33. Guest-5723605170 says:

    Wow, can’t wait for the next update. I really like the wyvern thing design

  34. Ftere says:

    I don’t use adfly but my addons and Maps work well for me

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