Luxurious Modern Mansion (Creation)

The most luxurious, pure and expensive Modern Mansion you’ll want to have is here, with a lot of joy and excitement to come with the design, utilities and privacy of your new home! 

Created by: Kraftoid (formerly known as PocketKent), Twitter

The take on the new hybrid of modern and classic design is here, for everyone!

Easily accessible Studio, with unique design similar to the mansion, and below that is a water tunnel for everyone!

In order to prevent unauthorized use of content and infringement, rules were established to regulate:


  • Distributing, sharing, and using on external websites by redirecting to this website for download. 
  •  Use for your videos and demos by providing a proper credit and link even without permission
  •  Using this map for monetary gain through link shortening websites (Adf.ly, Shorte.st)
  • Revising, renaming and changing some sections of this map without permission
  • Claiming this map as your own on other audience or people 

Shaders on this demo is not under the rules, though still must not be used for revision and claim.

Changelog View more

Terms of Use (ToU) added to prevent content use violations and further issues on the maps.

Minor changes

  • New banner for the new YouTube channel I've been determined to work with!
  • Added external link for the shaders used here. No monetization or link shortening involved.

Hope you understand it and I'm keeping it as a free content to everyone. Happy New Year!


- Added directory/master folder of Luxurious Modern Mansion releases for the past few months.

- For some people there: we have just added ZIP - check out to the MCPEDL's app or the directory.

We have updated the banner - and updated information for everyone. The next updated delayed to January!

Happy Holidays from Kraftoid.

We've got things ready for the holidays!

  • Now back to track with new video tour made by myself, and a new community for all!
  • Link details were fixed! But still not set for the next update!

Happy holidays!

The day has come! It's time for the official v5 update!

No more betas now, everything looks good and doing well!
  • Introducing MansionAI, smarter home through contextual infos and actions around and makes more redstone features usable. Found on your kitchen, park area, outdoor pool and the outdoor kitchen!
  • Consistent, modern hybrid design that you may never seen before! Detail on every single space!
  • Added outdoor pool and high class rooftop flooring with pool.
  • Major terrain changes and adjustments to the basement area.
  • Trailer is on the works!
  • HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY to everyone as well!

Our next schedule for the update will start on 8th, with new pack of features coming in. Roll out of this update will be effective upon posted. 

On the way to the final release of v5, on November 30th!

Meanwhile, here are changes on beta3.

- Will MAY no longer work with 1.12 and below. 1.13 will be the standard requirement for the content. 
- Trailer is on the works! Still, support us by making review!

- Partial handmade terrain change around with jungle trees replanted and repopulated around.

- Checked for possible MansionAI bugs or failures.

- Remade basement on the riverside.

- Just renamed myself to Kraftoid, but PocketKent will be still reference of my name for some. Effects started yesterday.

v5-Beta 2 is here!

Introducing the new, better Mansion AI technology (which seems to be gimmicky)
- Contextual messages that can alert possible intruders, movements on mansion similar to an smart home!

- REDSTONE AND COMMAND POWERED utilities for the ground floor, and still working to bring the technology to the upstairs. 

- Fixed broken glasses, and missing blocks.

v5 Update beta-1 has arrived!


  • New gimmick: Redstone MansionAI is on the works starting with this beta. That means more Redstone related features to come on the next updates.
  • Garage: On the right side of mansion, and not completely usable due to some problems.
  • Addition of a new pool on the riverside of mansion, and expansion of the rooftop pool. The pool on the center of mansion will be removed

Technical Changelog;

  • The download link for the latest version will be shortened by Adf.ly starting with this update. Additional link on older versions will be available on the next update!
  • Banner updated, again. The banner on the previous update was actually wrong.
  • BETA title: There will be two more rollouts of beta for the v5 update. Stay tuned!

Luxurious Modern Mansion has recieved an update. The update will continue on content but it will only contain fixes, or changes. 

The update includes:

- Updated banner applied on world screen, and also here.

- Removed references of any update from the past, as part of cleaning to pave for next minor updates.

In celebration of fourth monthsary of the mansion on MCPEDL, the mansion will get its biggest update at the moment!

Take a look for yourself to know the new changes!

v3.1 (Pre-Summer Update v4)

Additional changes for mansion

Landscape changes

Added an entrance for a beautiful home!

Presentation adjustments (revised banner, additional information, and link changes)

Alt link set as main download link

Added the Broadcasting Tower! See it lights up on the middle of the night and get ready for your all signal needs!

Expanded walls from land to riverside, with fire lights, and MAJOR OVERHAUL to mansion's interior design and studio.

Credits for contributors on development

Link added for previous world version

Added the Studio, all for your recording and crafting needs! (features lighting and unique design)

Added river walls, for protection of your mansion against all of intruders coming in! (Features 2 block high walls, with sea level tube for your emergency exit!)

Little adjustments to design and lighting

Updated link

Fully-implemented defense system (expanded into the front of mansion)

Replaced some blocks

Addition of new usable redstone features 

Improved mansion lighting

Applied .mcworld file changes including a new filename, and download link.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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  1. Loyald says:

    I can’t use the link still can you please just do a direct download link or a different link service similar to gadfly because everytime I deny notifications on the adfly link it just keeps me on the same page or it takes me to another website.

  2. 777 says:

    Change the link to the shaders, I don’t have Facebook, sorry for the errors, I am Russian, I am writing from google quavi

  3. Arsh says:

    How do I download this? It doesn’t work. It takes me to a random site

  4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ says:

    Give a normal link, the page link is broken!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this

  6. Builder says:

    This doesn’t open on ios plz help/fix?! It’s a big issue and I would really like to play this map

  7. Builder says:

    This doesn’t open on ios plz help/fix?!

  8. Kraftoid says:

    Hello. Thank you everyone. Continue to support the content so much.

  9. John Benedict Manangan says:

    I love the house and the link works like normal didnt have trouble keep up the good work mr pocketkent

  10. Good idea says:

    Please add torches to avoid mob spawning in survival. I’m making a mod pack to go with this to start a survival world.

  11. Foxyrocks20 says:

    what’s the shaders you used for this cuz it looks awesome!

  12. PocketKent says:

    Forgot the earlier comment I said, I will continue to provide updates for the content. Thank you for support.

  13. I'm a GhOsT says:

    This map is nice thanks to shopvil for giving us the link btw hope for more update

  14. PocketKent says:

    This was a hard decision, but Luxurious Modern Mansion will no longer receive any such update from now on.

    All of bugs on the latest version will no longer be fixed. Thank you for joining with me on my first ever Minecraft content ever released on a website.

    Reason behind this was the not-so-good feedback and traffic of the map’s downloaders, and shifting focus into a new Minecraft content in works. (maybe, an add-on?)

    Thank you.

  15. Anony says:

    The file won’t import into mcpe. Does this map still work with iOS 13?

  16. Anonymous says:

    The file won’t import into mcpe. Does this map still work with iOS 13?

  17. Tony says:

    Did you make it in normal Minecraft?

  18. Anonymous says:

    I doesn’t work. It leads me to a video. I can’t download

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to download it and it won’t work. It keeps sending me to a video and it says “download __ to continue watching.” And it doesn’t take me to the download.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had the first version of the mansion, and I absolutely love it!

  21. InFiNiTyEdGe says:

    10/10 world! Highly recommended, great job on making it!

  22. can I invite my friends coz I have a problem: were all 1.11 and I am only 1.12

  23. Kayla says:

    Can you tell me the coordinates of the house me and my friend lost it and we can’t find the way back?

  24. _Shopvil_ says:

    Hi again so my friend who can’t buy minecraft wanted to know for the next update if you can turn on cheats then upload the map since she can’t buy Minecraft.

    • PocketKent says:

      My own school year has started yesterday, and I may not able to update it for a short period of time like what I always to do from the start. But, maybe next few days I will grant your wish as much as possible.

      • _Shopvil_ says:

        Oh your school year has started, Eeh mines started in April and I have alot of work to do.
        And take has much time you need! 🙂

      • kid 1234567 says:

        can you not make it put me on to weird websites when I want to download this map?

  25. Elitegamespy says:

    LINKS BROKEN all I get send to is ad infested websites as soon as i got to the download site it redirected me to porn sites and this is unacceptable PUT MEDIAFIRE LINKS because all the other sites are ad of ad of ads and it’s not right

  26. _Shopvil_ says:

    Okay this is one cool map! And I used it and my friends are playing it they love it!

    Also I prefer to use this link from the owner : mediafire.com/file/6djzobqbdmn8y1b/LMM+v1.2+by+PocketKent.mcworld

    Don’t send hate it’s not the Owner’s fault!

  27. GodGamer0 says:

    This is Rare Map

  28. Anonymous says:

    Love the house!!

  29. JaMs says:

    Thanks for sharing this map. The link works fine for me.

  30. PocketKent says:

    There will be a new (slightly huge?) LMM update coming, with new link, no more la la redirects! No more “get link”, just “skip ads” lol. I’m not going to spoil for now.

  31. PocketKent says:

    I know it was all my fault, and I’ll try to change that link. Please for awhile use this direct link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6djzobqbdmn8y1b/LMM+v1.2+by+PocketKent.mcworld

    I’m so sorry.

  32. DiMMtheWitteD says:


    We need a report button.

  33. JaggedTheDark says:

    Why not just use adfly
    Can’t download.

  34. I love mcpe says:

    I can’t download it. Its leading me to website that tells me how to earn money. I waited for a long time but no result. I hope you can fix it. I really want the map to be part of my mcpe worlds.

  35. ... says:

    It lead me to a strip site at first, then to one of those fake thing with ‘you are the 1000000th viewer!’, when I tried again, it lead me to mediafire

  36. Caz says:

    Took me a while to find the button to redirect to the next button ‘get link’
    It works just fine!
    It’s a bit hard to find the first button which is an arrow ‘->’
    It will appear after you verify

  37. CatKid says:

    Bruh IOS CANT DOWNLOAD (looks epic so 5 stars)

  38. Anonymous says:

    cant download.. the link is about making money and even i checked the captcha still no link for downloading.

  39. bcXT says:

    Can’t even download it on win10 because of that stupid srtfly site. Followed all the steps and it still wouldn’t give me the link.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hey why cant i download the map….The link led me to a website about making money or sth…. Pls fix it

  41. PocketKent says:

    Simply follow the instruction or installation guide on every platform. Thank you!

  42. Juju says:

    Can’t download

  43. Hi says:

    I can’t download it cuz I’m iOS ☹️

  44. Derek says:

    To download the map click in the link
    Then you scroll don’t until you find Get Link
    It should redirect you to media fire
    From there you will know what to do

  45. Someone says:

    Honestly, I would like it, but I’m on iOS and I can’t even download it.

  46. JGamer says:

    I won’t download

  47. Anonymous says:

    cant download the map ;(

  48. Anonymous says:

    I cant download it

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. BeastSlayer99 says:

    How do you download it on iOS

  51. Pls tell me the shader says:

    What’s the shader

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