Luxury Plane Addon

Luxury Airplane Addon this addon adds luxurious airplanes with a diamond interior and red wool seats, with this addon you will be able to travel faster and fly through high mountains more easily

Airplane Features

 Health: 80

 Flight time: 4 minutes

 Capacity: 8 passengers


How to get this plane in survival?

 first you will need to create a special item that stone for vehicles this item will only be available in fmods addons


After crafting the item, now continue crafting the plane in which this item will only be necessary and ready you can get the plane

 once the plane item is crafted you will have to throw / drop the item to the ground so that the plane appears and you will also get gasoline

 for the plane to fly you will need gasoline


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

9 Responses

  1. MrCube says:

    How do i make the gasoline

  2. RemovedLime447 says:

    i cant place it

  3. Guest-2875512265 says:

    Can I make that the villagers can ride in it I make a Minecraft series with a villager so I need it

  4. Guest-4576644320 says:

    theres no gas =(

  5. Guest-4969239773 says:

    the first version had an error that could not fly but the error was fixed

  6. Guest-1845321476 says:

    For some reasons these planes never seem to go up for me, they just fall.

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