M Functions Pack v1.2.4 (Pixels Art with Functions)

My first Addon, I will post the updates here.

I will add thousands of commands. Any tips or opinions? Comment.

Addon to facilitate some people to create maps, among other things.

PvP Arena and Secret Mobs is here!!! (by requests)

• Addon by Maat and ihategravel •


/function diamondpack : Adds a Pack of Diamond Items to your inventory.

/function goldpack : Adds a Pack of Gold Items to your inventory.

/function ironpack : Adds a Pack of Iron Items to your inventory.

/function starterpack : Add a pack of items to start your survival!

/function stonepack : Adds a Pack of Stone Items to your inventory.

/function woodpack : Adds a Pack of Wood Items to your inventory.

/function creeper_charged : Spawn the electrocuted creeper.

/function night_vision : Activates infinite night vision.

/function fly_on : Enables the option to fly in survival. (need to activate the education edition option)

/function fly_off : Disables the option to fly in survival. (need to activate the education edition option)

/function kill_a : Kill all players and mobs.

/function instant_healing : It heals quickly.

/function clear : Clear your inventory and potions effects.

/function ender_dragon : Spawn ender dragon in world.

/function wither_boss : Spawn wither boss in world.

/function zombie_villager : Spawn zombie villager.

/function skeleton_h_t : Spawn 4 skeleton horsemen.

/function ravager_frwer : Spawn an evoker riding ravager.

/function ravager_sfrwpr : Spawn a pillager riding ravager, but the pillager drops special loot upon death.

/function ravager_swpcr : Spawn a pillager riding ravager, but the pillager is raid captain.

/function ravager_swpr : Spawn a pillager riding ravager.

/function ravager_swvcr : Spawn a vindicator riding ravager, but the vindicator is raid captain.

/function ravager_swvr : Spawn a vindicator riding ravager.

/function ender_crystal : Spawn ender crystal in world.

/function barrier : Give 64 barrier in your inventory.

/function xp : Gives a large amount of experience to you.

/function explode_sound : Plays an explosion sound.

/function weather_t_s : Plays a thunder sound.

/function stop_sounds : To stop all sounds for all players.

/function baby_fox : Spawn baby fox in world.

/function baby_turtle : Spawn baby turtle in world.

/function baby_polar_b : Spawn baby polar bear in world.

/function freeze_mobs : Freezes all mobs near you.

/function invisibility : Becomes invisible infinitely.

/function stray_melee : Spawn stray is in melee mode.

/function stray_ranged : Spawn stray is in ranged mode.

/function rabbit_d : Spawn desert rabbit.

/function rabbit_s : Spawn snow rabbit.

/function pig_saddled : Spawn pig with saddle.

/function llama_w_c : Spawn llama with chest.

/function mule_saddled : Spawn mule saddled.

/function mule_w_c : Spawn mule with chest.

/function donkey_saddled : Spawn donkey saddled.

/function donkey_w_c : Spawn donkey with chest.

/function no_hungry : You don’t feel hungry anymore.

/function lightning : Lightning appears in front of you.

/function clear_drops : All items on the floor will disappear.

/function baby_z : Spawn baby zombie in world.

/function p_captain : Spawn pillager captain in world.

/function adm_pack : Gives you admin items.

/function unfreeze_mobs : Unfreeze the mobs, by requests.

/function end_of_m : Teleports you to the end of the map.

/function powered_s : You get a very strong sword.

/function powered_p : You get a very strong pickaxe.

/function archerpack : Gives you archer equipment.

/function powered_t : You get a very strong trident.

/function powered_cb : You get a very strong crossbow.

/function powered_shovel : You get a very strong shovel.

/function powered_fd : You get a very strong fishing rod.

/function powered_a : You get a very strong axe.

/function powered_b : You get a very strong bow.

/function p_essential : Gives you the best potions.

/function void : Remove all blocks below you, which leads to the void.

/function 100chicken : Spawn 100 chicken.

/function 200chicken : Spawn 200 chicken.

/function 300chicken : Spawn 300 chicken.

/function 100cow : Spawn 100 cow.

/function 200cow : Spawn 200 cow.

/function 300cow : Spawn 300 cow.

/function lag : spawn 1000 turtles in world.

SPECIAL FUNCTION : Song Hotel Calafornia (BY: ihategravel)

/function song/tick : Required to play music. (Repeating command block)

/function song/load : Load the music.

/function song/playing : Music data.

/function song/play : Start playing the music.

/function song/pause : Pause the music.

/function song/stop : Stop playing music.

– How to do the song : 

1. Repeating command block with function song/tick 

2. function song/load

3. function song/play

to stop and reset :

4. function song/stop

|—– RECIPES —–|

1. New craft : Portal

2. New craft : End Portal

3. New craft : Bat egg

4. New craft : Bee egg

5. New craft : Blaze egg

6. New craft : Cat egg

7. New craft : Cave Spider egg

8. New craft : Chicken egg

9. New craft : Cow egg

10. New craft : Fish egg

11. New craft : Ocelot egg

12. New craft : Parrot egg

13. New craft : Pig egg

14. New craft : Wolf egg

15. New craft : Agent egg (need to activate the education edition option)

16. New craft : Camera egg

17. New craft : NPC egg (need to activate the education edition option)

18. New craft : Saddle

19. New craft : Name Tag

20. New craft : Experience Bottle

21. New craft : Totem

22. New craft : Barrier

23. New craft : Horse armor gold

24. New craft : Horse armor diamond

25. New craft : Trident

26. New craft : Heart of the Sea

27. New craft : Elytra

28. New craft : Minecart with Command Block

29. New craft : Monsters Spawner

30. New craft : Lava Cauldron

31. New craft : Lava

32. New craft : Water

33. New craft : Light Block

34. New craft : Turtle egg

35. New craft : Balloon (need to activate the education edition option)

36. New craft : Jigsaw Block

37. New craft : Structure Block

38. New craft : Structure Void

Warning: Crafts can change.


1. Spawn PvP Arena. (BY: ihategravel)

/function structures/arena

2. Spawn Tree.

/function structures/tree

3. Spawn House. (BY: ihategravel)

/function structures/house

4. Spawn Tree TNT.

/function structures/treetnt

5. Spawn Big TNT.

/function structures/bigtnt

6. Spawn Comic (Pixel Art, by ihategravel)

/function comic/comic1

/function comic/comic2

/function comic/comic3

/function comic/comic4

7. Spawn Mona (Pixel Art, by ihategravel)

/function mona/mona1

/function mona/mona2

/function mona/mona3

8. Spawn Van Star (Pixel Art, by ihategravel)

/function van/star1

/function van/star2

/function van/star3

/function van/star4

Review (Old)

Activate the experimental gameplay and education edition, to work correctly…

More features coming soon! Thanks!

Changelog View more


Added 3 new pixel arts with commands. (BY IHATEGRAVEL)

Fixed errors and bugs.


Completely reworked page.

Fixed links.

Addon added in the MCPEDL application.

Corrected typo.

Addon will take time to have updates.


addon description changed.

animations folder removed.

new function: lag (spawn 1000 turtles in world)

new structure: tree tnt (explosive tree)

new structure: big tnt (gigant tnt function, by requests)


"How to play the song" info added.

some images have been adjusted.

cropped images.

added some information and images.

link shorteners are working normal.

----- IMPORTANT -----

Addon updates will not be more constant. (Sorry)

new structure: house

new function: song hotel calafornia

new function: 100chicken (Spawn 100 chicken)

new function: 100cow (Spawn 100 cow)

new function: 200chicken (Spawn 200 chicken)

new function: 200cow (Spawn 200 cow)

new function: 300chicken (Spawn 300 chicken)

new function: 300cow (Spawn 300 cow)

craft changed: fish egg

craft changed: nametag

craft changed: experience bottle

craft changed: totem

craft changed: heart of the sea

craft changed: elytra

craft changed: turtle egg

new craft: balloon (need to activate the education edition option)

new craft: jigsaw block

new craft: structure block

new craft: structure void

new craft: command block minecart

new craft: monsters spawner

new craft: lava cauldron

new craft: lava

new craft: water

new craft: light block

new craft: turtle egg

Add support for 1.16 (beta)

new function: void (remove all blocks below you, which leads to the void.)

new craft: saddle

new craft: name tag

new craft: experience bottle

new craft: totem

new craft: barrier

new craft: horse armor gold

new craft: horse armor diamond

new craft: trident

new craft: heart of the sea

new craft: elytra

Small images.

Various bugs fixed.

Removed support for 1.12 and 1.13 (wait... what ?)

new craft: agent spawn egg.

new craft: camera spawn egg.

new craft: npc spawn egg.

Fixed bugs.

Fixed errors.

Fixed Version.

all large images on the addon page have been reduced.

corrected typos .

links are working normally.

thank you for downloading the addon!

Fixed some functions not performing correctly.

Typo fixed.

- New -

new craft: wolf spawn egg

new craft: pig spawn egg

new craft: cow spawn egg

new craft: ocelot spawn egg

new craft: parrot spawn egg

new craft: cat spawn egg

new craft: blaze spawn egg

new craft: bee spawn egg

new craft: bat spawn egg

new craft: cave spider spawn egg

new craft: chicken spawn egg

new craft: fish spawn egg

new function: powered axe

new function: powered bow

new function: Essential Potions (gives you the best potions)

new function: powered trident (you get a very strong trident)

new function: powered crossbow (you get a very strong crossbow)

new function: powered shovel (you get a very strong shovel)

new function: powered fishing rod (you get a very strong fishing rod)

new function: powered sword (you get a very strong sword)

new function: powered pickaxe (you get a very strong pickaxe)

new function: archer pack (gives you archer equipment)

new items added to the command: adm pack

after spawning the pvp arena, you will automatically teleport into it.

addon image has been changed!

addon is much lighter and optimized!

new function: arena PVP (spawn one arena pvp in your world, by requests)  

new function: tree (spawn one tree in world)

new function: adm pack (gives you admin items)

new function: unfreeze mobs (unfreeze the mobs, by requests)

new function reworked: kill_all (now kill all players, mobs)

reduced command: kill_all | to: kill_a

new function: end of map (teleports you to the end of the map)

fixed bugs.

fixed manifest.

new function: no hungry (you don't feel hungry anymore)

function reworked: freeze mobs (now works normal)

new function: lightning (lightning appears in front of you)

new function: clear drops (all items on the floor will disappear)

new function: baby zombie (spawn baby zombie in world)

new function: pillager captain (spawn pillager captain in world)

new creator joined the project. (ihategravel)

all links from previous versions have been removed.

the mcpack version now works. (thanks ihategravel)

several bugs were fixed.

added new function: invisibility (becomes invisible infinitely)

added new function: stray melee (spawn stray is in melee mode)

added new function: stray ranged (spawn stray is in ranged mode)

added new function: rabbit desert (spawn desert rabbit)

added new function: rabbit snow (spawn snow rabbit)

added new function: pig saddled (spawn pig with saddle)

added new function: llama chest (spawn llama with chest)

added new function: mule saddled (spawn mule saddled)

added new function: mule chest (spawn mule with chest)

added new function: donkey saddled (spawn donkey saddled)

added new function: donkey chest (spawn donkey with chest)

added new folder in the addon: recipes (new function for the addon yay)

added new craft: Portal (makes 2 blocks from the Nether portal)

added new craft: End Portal (makes 2 blocks from the End portal)

manifest file fixed (again lol)

---- IMPORTANT ----

diminished functions, to facilitate : (by requests)

from: skeleton_horse_trap | to: skeleton_h_t

from: ravager_for_raid_with_evoker_rider | to: ravager_frwer

from: ravager_spawn_for_raid_with_pillager_rider | to: ravager_sfrwpr

from: ravager_spawn_with_pillager_captain_rider | to: ravager_swpcr

from: ravager_spawn_with_pillager_rider | to: ravager_swpr

from: ravager_spawn_with_vindicator_captain_rider | to: ravager_swvcr

from: ravager_spawn_with_vindicator_rider | to: ravager_swvr

from: weather_thunder_sound | to: weather_t_s

from: baby_polar_bear | to: baby_polar_b

added new function: EnderCrystal (Spawn ender crystal in world)

added new function: Barrier (Give 64 barrier in your inventory)

added new function: Xp (Gives a large amount of experience to you)

added new function: Explode Sound (Plays an explosion sound)

added new function: Weather Thunder Sound (Plays a thunder sound)

added new function: Stop Sound (To stop all sounds for all players)

added new function: Baby Fox (Spawn baby fox in world)

added new function: Baby Turtle (Spawn baby turtle in world)

added new function: Baby Polar Bear (Spawn baby polar bear in world)

typo were fixed.

manifest working normally.

all colored fonts have been removed.

added new function: Freeze Mobs (Freezes all mobs near you)

added new folder in the functions: structures (It's still empty, but it's a big spoiler)

Added new function: EnderDragon (spawn ender dragon in world)

Added new function: Wither Boss (spawn wither boss in world)

Added new function: Zombie Villager (spawn zombie villager)

Added more 7 new functions...

Shortened links have been removed.

- 1: the commands to give items, now give to all players on the server.

- 2: Added new function: Night vision infinite (only for those who activate the function)

- 3: Added 2 new functions: Fly ON, Fly OFF (need to activate the education edition option)

- 4: Added new function: Kill all (kill all players)

- 5: Added new function: Instant healing (It heals quickly)

- 6: Added new function: Clear (Clear your inventory and potions effects)

- Fixed Bugs

- some errors in manifest fixed

- 1 New Function (creeper_charged)

- Fixed Bugs

- Added 2 new functions. (creeper_charged and starterpack)

- fixed some errors in manifest.json

- Bugs Fixed.

- Changed version.

- Starter Pack function added!



1. Click the blue button below the page "Clique aqui para prosseguir"

2. Wait 10 seconds.

3. Press the second green button "Obter Link"

4. Download the file, and double-click it to open directly in minecraft.

5. Do not turn on notifications.

6. Or watch this video : 


1. Wait 5 seconds.

2. Press in "Close advertisement"

3. Wait until you close the page and open mediafire.

4. Do not turn on notifications.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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  1. Guest-1365594656 says:

    hey, the crafting recipes are broken they are nott working how ever every thing else is do you know a fix?

  2. Guest-9478343626 says:

    what does the camera egg do?

  3. Guest-5796574797 says:

    How do you use the song commands? I know I can literally and physically use it but how does it work?

  4. ihategravel says:

    Has anyone used the song function?

  5. Guest-5039865903 says:

    Best functions addon

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  8. Guest-3035611783 says:

    I tried using the agent spawn egg it doesn’t work but i still like it

  9. ihategravel says:

    Function idea! 10,000 tnt!

  10. ihategravel says:

    How to do the song:

    1. Repeating command block with
    function song/tick

    2. function song/load

    3. function song/play

    To reset

    1. function song/stop

  11. Guest-3536097480 says:


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    Nice addon my friend

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    Please make function to summem the spider and chicken jockey

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    I can’t download this, please use or mediafire to upload the content and you can use the link shorter to this links too.. Now I tryed 10times to download this mod and I cant.. I turned off my antivirus programme

  20. Guest-5098937500 says:

    What does the agent do ?

  21. Guest-3040328058 says:

    Hello, when I try to summon any other mobs such as the agent or npc meanwhile I have education and experimental mode on? Any possible fixes?

  22. Guest-6122507683 says:

    My antivirus program says that whenever I click the aqui para proguessir, it stops a trojan horse program.

  23. Guest-9526743543 says:

    waiting for more

  24. Guest-2476928797 says:

    epic update

  25. Guest-7705198258 says:

    Download doesn’t work

  26. Guest-8128187451 says:

    more functions and structures please!!!!

  27. Guest-4690874405 says:

    Gostei amigo!

  28. Guest-3660298921 says:

    Add more recipes pls

  29. Guest-7637995750 says:

    Eu não sabia que existia esses mobs no jogo

  30. Guest-4868824816 says:

    Eu não sabia que você era BR, salve!

  31. Guest-6798677907 says:

    It’s really good and its very useful!
    The only thing that does not work on me is the Agent Spawn and i already turned Experimental and Education Edition but still not working..

    Hope you guys fixed it for me!

  32. Guest-5989086183 says:


  33. Guest-2965091902 says:

    adds a new structure

  34. Guest-4079646655 says:

    What will be the next update?

  35. Guest-1981887351 says:

    not work npc,camera and agent…

  36. Guest-4605545047 says:

    Can you make it work properly on xbox?

  37. Guest-6718267008 says:

    (I ment medifire)

  38. Guest-5628472225 says:

    Hey Pls Make The secret mobs and the normal one modifier cause I cant download it ):

  39. Guest-2742936851 says:

    the npcs or agent doesn’t spawn and the camera doesnt acc work it just disappears if u tell it to take picture,i do have education edition on n experimental gameplay on so idk i think u didnt give a resource pack

  40. ihategravel says:

    Hello, I’m billy bob. I got a awesome function idea, a giant “ihategravel is awesome!” sign! I’m definitely not ihategravel.

  41. Guest-3179880748 says:

    Good work!

  42. This very awesome, great job maat 😄

  43. Guest-1438729641 says:

    Why can’t I download this? It brings me to random websites and I don’t like it 🙁
    I have downloaded so manny Addons and this one won’t work 🙁
    Pls help

  44. Guest-4737403934 says:

    Fantastic work!

  45. Guest-1805057974 says:

    Jockey BABY zombie

  46. Guest-7777784483 says:

    This addon is so useful, and saves the amounr of times i have to build. Noice

  47. Guest-3732095688 says:

    How to unfreeze mobs!!!!

  48. Guest-1188037646 says:

    Maravilhoso,Parabéns 😍🤗😁você poderia adicionar o comando de jockey , comando para invocar os npcs,câmera, agent mob,e também fireball

    • Maat says:

      Obrigado, NPC é uma boa ideia, mas o agent mob não é do mine, é um addon de outra pessoa, camera eu já tentei, e não funciona mais, apenas com edit inventory.

  49. justZitt_ says:

    why de fck commands there are soooo long to write ?(just imagine writing this without tab button)
    i can write /spawn pig minecraft:on saddle instead this. it need fix to write commands faster.

  50. Unknownman21229 says:

    I hate my translator , why i am italian and It changes the words

  51. Unknownman21229 says:

    You should add a vanish function , why ita very annoying write the command For the invisibilità without particles (i know in lazy)

  52. Unknownman21229 says:


  53. Unknownman21229 says:

    Lol 3 people requested the sale thing

  54. Guest-1753636921 says:

    Try to make a function that creates an arena (optional), gives you full diamond armor (enchanted) with an enchanted diamond sword with bow with fire arrows and infinity and power and punch and at least 4 notch apples and spawns a dragon wither and elder guardian 1.14!!!!!!

  55. Guest-1753636921 says:

    Try to make a function that creates an arena (optional), gives you full diamond armor (enchanted) with an enchanted diamond sword with bow with fire arrows and infinity and power and punch and at least 4 notch apples and spawns a dragon wither and elder guardian 1.14!!!!!

  56. Guest-6669486343 says:

    Can you add a function Who creates a pvp Arena?

  57. Guest-4306088493 says:

    Iwant it so u can be able to do //function snow_fox do get a snow fox

  58. ihategravel says:

    I forgot to sign in. HI MATT!!

  59. MorbidNoob says:

    You should make an Ultra Instinct command that teleports you out of the way of projectiles and explosions, let you fly, maybe even make a blue beam like the Kamehameha(this would probably be made by using a trail that instant KOs anything it touches).

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