Magic Craft (V1.1 Fairies & Broomsticks)

Hostile entities are crossing over from the Rothain dimention into ours, fortunately so is their MAGIC!You will need to travel the world trying to find all the Spell Books and other Magical artifacts to help you defeat the evil that has entered our world Experimental Gameplay will need activating to enjoy this addon


Magic Craft tries to bring an extra element of Magic to Minecraft Bedrock, Travel your worlds to find Structures that can hold Magical Spell books to make Magic Wands and other Magic items to help you defeat the Evil entities that have crossed over

This is Version one, More and more mobs, magic items and Gameplay will be added update by update


The Wizard


The Wizard is a very Powerful Entity

The Wizard will spawn around your world and is very hostile, it will shoot fireballs at you if it sees you.
If you hit it, it will summon a Witch to help protect him

You can snap the Wizard out of his rage with the Healing Magic Wand. 

When you have used the wand, give the Wizard a Healing Potion and wait 30 seconds.
The Wizard will become passive and now you can trade with him. 

He will trade you spell Books.

If the Wizard get struck by Lightning it will become charged, it will now use a Melee attack and have the ability to Teleport to you.
If you hit it, it will summon an Enderman to help protect him
When the Wizard is Charged it can still be healed.



The Faires


Fairies are passive mobs that just go around their day causing no harm to anyone. Unfortunatly for you killing them will be the easiest way to obtain Fairy Dust


Spell Table

The Spell Table can be crafted using this recipe


The Spell Table is where you will Merge Wands and create Potions, This Crating Bench is very important to your survival.

You will use the Spell Table to Merge Spell Books will Basic Wands to create More Powerful Magic Wands


You can create Magic Potions in the Spell Table, The Healing Potion will make the Wizard passive so you can trade with him



The Broomstick can be crafted using the Spell Table



Structures will spawn around your world, travel far and wide to make sure you find all the Magical items that have crossed over

Wizards Hut


Fairies Tree House

Any issues please comment below, Remember to play in experimental mode to enjoy this addon.

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Magic carpet was removed as it didn't really fit the theme.

Broomsticks have been introduced instead

Basic Magic Wand has been replaced with the Powerless Magic Wand
The Powerless Magic Wand Does nothing except act as the template for
all Magic Wands.


Pyro Magic Wand
Durability > 20
Gives the Holder Fire Resistance
Allows the user to shoot Fire Balls
When this Wand is out of Power it will become a Powerless Wand once again

Aqua Magic Wand
Durability > 20
Gives the Holder Water Breathing
Allows the user to shoot Heavy Rain
When this Wand is out of Power it will become a Powerless Wand once again

Feather Magic Wand
Durability > 20
When sneaking gives the Holder Levitation
Allows the user to make all Entities in a 30 block radius levitate and fall
When this Wand is out of Power it will become a Powerless Wand once again

Dark Magic Wand
Durability > 1
Allows the user to kill all entities within a 150 block radius
When this Wand is out of Power it will become a Powerless Wand once again


Oblivion Spell Book


Fairies have been adde, you will find them all around your world
They are passive creatures, if you kill one you will have the chance to get some
Fairy Dust


Fairy tree house added




Download both back and activate all experimental festures to enjoy this add-on


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3.33 / 5 (6 votes)
Ive said this so many times so can people please spread this message: ONE LINK! Is it really that hard to make one file and one link so we dont have to wait so long?
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An overall good mod but the Wizards spawn way to frequently.
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Addon I mean XD
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Can I use your addon in a modpack"Insanity".This add-on is well made
Currently I have taken permission for add-ons from Vatonage and 4more addon
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is it compatible with other addons? and here are a few spell suggestions:
- summon a horse for a bit
- a transparent armor spell that gives resistance of all types for a bit
- transform spell that lets you turn into the mob nearest to you
- time stop spell that freezes everything around you in place for a bit
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Honestly wish you had a version without the wizards, because the spawn rate on them is insane. Other than that I would rate it 5 stars. Also the wizards are bugged out and they have no face, and I’ve also hit them a few times with lightning and nothing happen. Beautiful job on the mod though! I love everything else!
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Also you wouldn’t happen to know what the /function name is do you?
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does it use player.jason file
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They Spell table is glitched you can't even use is pls fix it.
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It is not glitched, you probably haven't installed correctly or haven't activated experimental mode
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