Magic Helmets Add-on

This Add-on adds 7 helmets with special functions to the game for you to have fun and help in the game. You can’t craft the helmets, but you can get them through the Wandering Trader. Add-on creator: GuilhermeMC0

Functions of Magic Helmets:

Each helmet gives the effect that its name suggests endlessly while worn on the player’s head.

Fire Resistance Helmet: Gives Fire Resistance Effect

Slow Falling Helmet: Gives Slow Falling Effect

Speed Helmet: Gives Speed Effect

Night Vision Helmet: Gives Night Vision Effect

Jump Boost Helmet: Gives Jump Boost Effect

Levitation Helmet: Gives Levitation Effect

Rainbow Helmet: Makes plants grow faster when worn on the head.

How to equip magic helmets?

Android: To equip a helmet on Android, click and hold the screen with the helmet on hand.

Windows 10: To equip a helmet on Windows 10, click and hold the right mouse button with the helmet on hand.

Warning: This add-on will be broken and the helmets will not be equipped on Android in version beta (The first beta version 1.15); it should work normally in the second beta version 1.15. But it works normally in the official version 1.14.30!


Supported Minecraft versions


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37 Responses

4.18 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-4726397498 says:

    Great addon I hope to see more armor in the future!

  2. SavvyWren says:

    Hey, man, your link is actually broken. Once you get past the ad page on linkverse and it starts to redirect to the actual download page, it shows an error message in german saying they cant reach that page right now.

  3. Guest-7346903727 says:

    Can you add water breathing helmet too?

  4. Guest-5139159889 says:

    Give me normal link! I can’t download by this trash site it’s just sent me to buy premium! Fix this trash!

    • GuilhermeMC says:

      I bet if you follow the steps that the website itself indicates you would be able to download the Add-on. I haven’t seen anyone reporting problems with the site yet, it is one of the most functional and simple I know. A good day for you too!

  5. Guest-5992238470 says:

    does it work for xbox?

  6. Guest-4369444671 says:

    Everytime I enable this in my Minecraft world I get Levitation II and it doesn’t stop. Why?

  7. Because this addons can create for survival

  8. I like this addons 😍

  9. Guest-4296623124 says:

    it doesnt work at realms.. can u please update it for realms?

  10. Guest-2830709656 says:

    Dude can you do all types of armors cuz I’m really struggling to find different types of armors. But still a good pack

  11. Guest-1201572764 says:

    Tiene que estar ariba de todo en la lista de complementos al aplicarlo en los mundos ?

    • GuilhermeMC says:

      No entendí tu pregunta en absoluto. Pero solo actívelo una vez y funcionará perfectamente. Una vez que se active el Behavior, el Resource también se activará automáticamente.

      • Guest-9081066327 says:

        I think he means that when you install the pack onto your world, whether it has to “be on top”: covering the other packs in the pack selection menu. And, to answer your question, I don’t think so, unless this pack and the other add-ons you have installed have conflicting items.

  12. GuilhermeMC says:

    use / function magic_helmets to get all helmets

    • Guest-1183813468 says:

      Can you make them craftable rather than from trader

      • GuilhermeMC says:

        I think crafting would be very easy to achieve by the powers that they give. But this is the first version and maybe it will change in relation to that. Thanks for the comment!

        • Guest-3120060061 says:

          Alright, I’ll stay tuned For the future updates, thanks!

        • Guest-6243199717 says:

          if you need help with coding the crafting recipes for the helmets i can help with that, though it really is pretty simple, i would think of requiring a lingering potion of each variation inside a iron or gold helmet original crafting recipe.

  13. Guest-7953468331 says:

    Fire resistance helmet and strenght for next update ?

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