MAGIC LIFE Addon V2 (Update) Beta

Do you feel your minecraft is boring? And also no magic? Well this addon is perfect! Because this addon will your boring gone!! Why? Because this addon adds characters and also magic weapon/s, but you need to turn on the experimental gameplay first.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new addon called MAGIC LIFE!! In this addon there’s a characters and weapons, let’s see all of them😁




Type of family:friendly 


He can fire 3 shots

Type of family that he attacks:monster, pacified, undead, enemy👈 (for addon only) 

2.possed zach

Possess zach

He is possed by demons, try to wake up him by your punch he become to normal zach again 


When you wake up him, he transform into normal zach again. (my short video have a problem bugs🙁) 

Also possed zach spawn everywhere, also nether



Type of family:enemy (addon only) 


He can fire 3 shots

Type of family that he attack:player, friendly, iron golem, snow golem, villager

Also, possess zach spawning in your world and nether 

Apparently, i have no picture from nether😔

Items & foods

1.magic staff

Actually that magic staff still not working, because of many problems, don’t worry, i will fix that staff as soon as Possible. 

No information yet for this item

2.zach main item (diamond staff) 

This is main item from zach you can use it for your protection and infinite regeneration of your health

Effects:resistance and regeneration 

3.medic bread

This food will add your health 

4.projectile bullet

This is part of addon,???????????????? 



Before you download this addon, be sure you have to remember this👇

Also don’t forget to credit me in your video when you make a video with this addon and make a link on mcpedl or mediafire

If you not follow my rules, i will report you, 

I told you now

Also don’t upload this addon on any apps or websites without my permission 

Comment your suggest for the next update of this addon, and rate it

This addon have some bugs that i never fix


What’s new in this update? 

1.Add 3 New entities 

1.Magic Cloner (i have no idea why i choose this name) 

why his name magic cloner……. 

Because he can clone (not his self bruh) 

He can summon the enemies called *cloner*

Like possessed zach, he can spawn in your world and nether, also this character needs your punch 👊 to transform him into name jazz. 


His speed:0.3

Type of family:enemy(for addon only) 


He can shoot you a fireball(summoner) 

Type of family that he attacks:Player, iron golem, snow golem, friendly(addon), villager

Also he can spawn in your world and nether, so it’s super dangerous 

You can wake up him by your punch 👊 


This clone from Magic Cloner, 

He summon this entity to kill you and your friends jazz and zach, 

Probably this enemy is too dangerous (again) 

Entity information:


His speed-0.3

Type of family-enemy

He can shoot you. 

Type of family that he attack-player, friendly(addon), iron golem, snow golem, also villager

Also watch this short video about magic cloner that he can summon this:

Warning ⚠:this entity(magic cloner) he can summon and summon that enemy until your phone or pc Explode😂because he is not stop to summon and summon this cloner. ITS TOO DANGEROUS

If he summon more cloner like 23 cloners, you can used command code now!!! Used this-> /kill @e or /kill @e[type=jxj:anyofmyentities]


Also this character name jazz……… 

He can protect you from enemies. 

That’s why you need to wake up the magic cloner to jazz…… So he can protect you when he wake up👍

If you not understand that:just try it… 😁

Entity information:


His speed-0.3

Type of family-friendly(addon) 

He can shoot the enemies 

Type of family that he attack-enemies(addon), monsters, pacified, undead. 

Now i show you my new entities… Let’s go to new items

1.Magic Pumpkin (for entity only) 

This stuff is not firing bullets or something, but this stuff can protect you. 


Conduit power-amplifier-2

Fire resistance-amplifier-2

This thing is not craftable 

2.Below Magic (i have no other names for this stuff) (also for entity only) 

This stuff is not firing bullets or something, but this stuff can protect you.  


Jump boost-amplifier-1

Night vision-amplifier-5



Also this thing is not craftable 

3.magic staff

Comment here if this staff doesn’t work like my magic staff, I try to test it but it doesn’t work, because im beta

4.projectile bullet

No information for this item……. 

Discover other items

Also all entities have spawn egg, don’t forget to open your experimental gameplay. Scroll up 👆 to see how to open your experimental gameplay 

That’s it…………. See you in next update 👋bye bye see you soon

Changelog View more

Update my wrong word in here, 

Damn..... My typing board so hard to type🤣

Updated my link (V2) mediafire

Please rate and comment for your suggestions 

Version 2 update!!!! 

Add 3 new entities

Add 4 new items

Fix some bugs

Try it my 2 magic staffs that i say is not working because im in the beta 

Stay tuned for the next update.... 

I remove a story of zach that i mever understand and other people 😁😀

Remove zach story that never understand by people, Version 2,3,4 coming soon

~JackxJason official 


This change log contains changing some pictures, becauss my description pictures(old) is super big

Added picture, where possess zach spawning in your world

Comment your suggestions for the next update

Remember, i used one and only app, so you cannot request about animations of characters 


Click the recommendation link below

Click the download button

wait it.... 

When download complete, import it to your minecraft 



Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.200 1.16.210 (beta)

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19 Responses

2.67 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Tixel22 says:

    Good addon but can it be that you made it with rhe mobile app addon maker? Because these were the same textures as you can get in the app.
    If you use the app can you help me because i try to publish an addon on mcpedl that is made with this app bit mcpedl says just that i need to make a more detailed submission

  2. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    I don’t even need to download the addon to know it’s terrible, there is no effort put in to the textures and the staffs look incredibly familiar. Also, the description gives me a headache trying to read. I understand where everyone is coming from when they say it’s terrible. Get your act together.

  3. I have 2 addons 1.the twins addon and 2.more tools addon<-this is not copying from other addons

  4. Pls don’t say this addon so trash, i work hardly for this, also the textures of entities. I have no effort for making skin of entities, if you want to change the texture of entities or change other code (for animations) , pls ask me first for your permission, and upload it🙂 with my credits. That’s why you need to ask me about my magic staffs if it works…….. Also in V3 or V4 my magic staff has been removed for some problems🙂

  5. The Orespawner says:

    The mob textures are horrendous

  6. JackxJason says:

    BTW If my addon(update V2) released….. please don’t comment why no update addon link, i will update my download link as soon as possible ……. Why? Because i forgot to input mediafire link (update of my addon(

  7. JackxJason says:

    *about your comments I’m japanese?
    Answer:No, im filipino, my English learn is in 20% so I’ve got a little bit wrong english word in this addon😔

  8. JackxJason says:

    Sorry for the stuff, I’m in, But i’ve got v2, v3, v4 update of this addon, and other thing, I’m not copying any of any addons from creators. As soon as possible i remove the zach story

    ~JackxJason official

  9. The Orespawner says:

    Whats with the sudden influx of sub-par magic addons?
    Like legit the only good one is the one in japenese ngl

  10. Sterk06 says:

    Quick note to self: It’s tal, as In tal Thompson. Maybe you should ask him and other creators for tips.

  11. Sterk06 says:

    Ehh… no offense, But this addon really Isn’t as good as many other magic addons. I mean, the story of Zach didn’t come off as great as Vanilla expansion addon, and really only adding these 3 components (Zach, possessed Zach, and the wand) makes this pretty boring in comparison to something like val’s Bedrock Hard mode addon or Something by juliusscizzor. Overall This could use some heavy Improvement. I’m trying my best not to offend you, so I’m even giving you a few stars, but I recommend you make this addon…. make sense.

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