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Published on January 19, 2015 (Updated on January 19, 2015)

Magic Sticks Mod

The mod adds a total of 19 magical sticks to your game. Each and every stick got its own unique function. For example, one paralyzes mobs while another spawns TNT blocks. The 19th stick is the most powerful one which create a huge explosion wherever you use it so use with caution.

Creator: CommandCrafter, YouTube Account

How to get the sticks?

Type /sticks in the text chat to get all the sticks in your inventory.

To get the Very Very Large Explosion Stick (also known as the easter egg/secret stick) you will need to use a Revenge on Creeper Stick on creepers until you get a message telling you have unlocked the easter egg.

You can also type /testeasteregg to get the secret stick.

Sticks IDs

  • Fly Stick (424) - lift a mob up in the air and tap again to drop them, it's like Yoda's telekinesis force power!
  • Explosive Stick (425) - spawns a primed TNT block wherever you use the stick
  • Electric Stick (426) - makes so a mob burns
  • Knockback Stick (427) - knocks a mob back
  • Paralyzer Stick (428) - allows you to paralyze mobs
  • Rain of Arrow Stick (429) - tap either a mob or the ground to spawn arrows 20 blocks above you which come falling
  • Revenge on Creeper Stick (430) - removes a creeper if used on a creeper
  • Mobs Duplicate Stick (431) - clone mobs
  • Mobs Infect Stick (432) - infect a mob to make it a zombie
  • Hole Stick (433) - generates a hole in the ground
  • Ice Stick (434) - turn water into ice
  • Low Health Stick (435) - sets a mob's health to just one heart
  • Excavator Stick (436) - tap any block and it will be destroyed
  • Blocks Duplicate Stick (437) - duplicate blocks
  • Fire Stick (438) - basically the same as flint & steel
  • Random Mob Stick (439) - tap on the ground and a random mob will be spawned
  • Random Block Stick (440) - tap on the ground and a random block will be spawned
  • Camera Stick (441) - allows you to see the world from a mob's eyes when used on one
  • Very Very Large Explosion Stick (500) - creates a very large explosion!

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For people wondering why the link is not working or why the mod isn't working...
Even if it did this mod would not work for modern versions of Minecraft.
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Make a sense right 😂
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Make a stick that makes mobs attack each other
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Good Idea But I Can’t Use The Link
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Yall know this isn’t a invite link, it’s a mod link that gives you these items in game
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The Invite Link Don’t Work So I Can’t Get The Mod
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Yea Why Dont It Work???
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The Invite Link Doesn’t work, I would like it to be fixed please
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I can't download it, and I think it would be interesting to have a stick that shoots projectiles like fireballs, as well as being able to combine them to get new ones with properties of both.
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I wish it was for iOS tho but i got it on my old Samsung phone and it is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wish it was for iOS tho but i got it on my old Samsung phone and it is so much fun
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McWorld Link would be cool :)
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Can u add mediafire link for it
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Love the mod. But the excavator stick. Makes the game crash.
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I have a magic stick!
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When I try to download it it says media fire unavailable is their another way I came download it
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I fixed the download link.
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How do I download it to mcpe then?
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