Magic Wand Addon

This is a really cool addon which replaces the bow with a powerful skull wand. You can use the wand to shoot lightning strikes at enemies. And since lightning causes fire you can set mostly anything on fire. Add some magic to Minecraft and give it a try!

Creator: DualRed, Twitter Account

How does it work?

The magic wand replaces the bow and requires magic bullets (arrows) before you can use it. There’s a skull on the top end of the wand which makes it look pretty badass.

To use the wand simply use it the same way as if you were to use a bow and arrow. The effect is quite astonishing. It fires lightning strikes wherever it hits.

You can literally set forts on fire by the use of this weapon. But remember, it won’t work as good on stone structures.

You can also of course use it to attack mobs. (Fun fact: If a pig is hit by a lightning strike then it turns into a zombie pigman.)

Important note: Since it replaces the bow and arrows also skeletons will have access to this wand! Watch out!


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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45 Responses

3.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Harris Ho says:

    It doesn’t spawn thunder tho

  2. Vitalcreeper says:

    Doesn’t even work

  3. PIxel says:


  4. ChainMailZombie says:

    You say work as good. Its supposed to be as well

  5. I don't know says:

    It doesn’t work.

  6. ? says:

    does this really works?

  7. W.D Gaster says:

    I loved this addon but now when I use it, when the bullet strikes my game will crash. Please fix this.

  8. Lauren says:

    Well the wand is showing but there’s no lighting and I have the energy balls..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Every time I shoot some thing my game keeps on crashing

  10. aproblem says:

    maybe somebody knows my problem ever since the new minecraft pe update came out my game crashes every time i use a addon that summons lightning

    my addons are

    double drops


    explosive lighting

    levitating snowballs

    magic wands

    my resource packs are

    coordinates unlocker

    talking villagers

    no potion particles

    magic wand

  11. QueenChanel says:

    Can u Make Another Design of the Wand like maybe a Star Wand or Flower Wand Or maybe Similar to a Blaze Rod cuz It looks Awful a Skull Wand :/ Well hope u see this Addon Maker

  12. MrWiskerz says:

    Hey can you make an add on that is like this only with out the texture or lightning so the arrows just go straight??? That would be great!

  13. JCORT711 says:

    This didnt make any lightning i downloded both of them

  14. Shadowfang321 says:

    This is a really cool mod and I hope more like these will be made. lol turning pigs into zombie pigmen is fun. also if you hit villagers with lightning they become wizards

  15. Bobbyxd3 says:

    nice. works great on my windows pc.

  16. JavaPlays says:


  17. FTWunpop says:

    you should make new wand , the wand will be torando wand , it will be replace the bow or fishing rod , or just spawn egg , how it will work is that it will have tnt move and like 20-50 lightnins and it will move randomly . tnt will destory and lightnings will make it look like torado , hope you do this!

  18. DualRed says:

    I added Fireball (Snowball) into this addon. For more info:

  19. Anonymous says:

    The addon looks great, but could you change the magic bullets to something like mana? And have magic effects on the snowball and egg, like make one fireballs, and the other inflict wither or levitation? I would LOVE the addon if you did something like that.

  20. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    this is totally awesome! But here is an idea, make many magic wands, like the fishing rod and then the thingy that comes out is a energy ball

  21. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Can you add more wands like a sun wand, fire wand, or ice wand? They could replace more items like sticks, fishing rods, and carrot on a stick?

  22. Truth Hyuga says:

    It’s not shooting lighting. Can you help me fix it?

  23. Mr. Bean says:

    The skeletons should look like wizards that would be cool

  24. RDeathDrive says:

    Make eggs into a fire wand, and snowballs into an evil wand that gives multiple potion effects like slowness, poison, wither, instant damage, weakness, and other horrible effects. This add on Is great. 👍

  25. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    I’m play this add on in survival mode….and the first night…my house was been attack by a skeleton and burn out because the lightning fire :'(

  26. Sstratiss says:

    Nice! Can you pls do the same addon but with a stick? a.g if we hit with a stick someone a lightning will hit him. Thanks

  27. Fahad says:

    I love this mode

  28. Fahad alajlan says:

    I love this

  29. Anonymous says:

    I Would absolutely love this add-on but it replaces the bow, I like having the normal bow, but this add-on is really cool otherwise

  30. ShulkerKing says:

    Boy… you stole my Addon, I was making “lightning arrows Addon” -.-

  31. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    Can u make another 1 plz! Like a fire wand!

  32. Pixelbrine says:

    Cool Addon

  33. ne 💜👸🏽 says:

    Best addon I’ve ever used

  34. DaLurkingPotato says:

    What is the map your on?

  35. No says:

    O my god, I being wait for too long!!!

  36. Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    Can u make an addon called “powerful swords” and they do some really brutal damage pls

  37. matt says:

    First PS nice addon

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