Magical Books Add-on (1.16 Support!)

Wingardium Leviosa! Have you always wanted to do magic? Well, this is the add-on for you! This add-on adds 10 craftable magical books and a new material  to the game. These books can save your life when you’re in trouble. Let’s say… you fall into a pit of lava, no worries hold the Book of fire in your hand and it will give you fire resistance. Magical Books save the day! Each magical book has its own effect. To use the effects of these magical books, you simply hold them in your hand.

Magical Books give special effects to the player when you hold them, such as levitation, conduit power and etc. These magical books are craftable so you can craft them in your survival world! This add-on also adds a new material called the Magical Stone, this is the material that you need to use to craft the magical books. Alright let me show you on how to obtain the magical books and this new material

How do you obtain them?

To obtain these magical books, you need to craft them, to craft these magical books, you need the Magical Stone which is also craftable, or use commands. The command to obtain all the books including the magical stone is…

Command – /function Magical_Books_Addon_pack


/give @p ______ I will show you the command of each book later

Effects, Crafting recipes, and the command of each item.

Magical Stone 

Command – /give @s pa:magicalstone

Magical Stones is a material that you need to craft a magical book

Crafting Recipe

Book of Bounce

Command – /give @s pa:bouncebook

Effects – Jump boost III. This will make it easier to jump out of holes or climb bumpy terrains.

Crafting Recipe 

Book of Oceania

Command – /give @s pa:oceaniabook

Effects – Conduit power II, Water breathing I. This will make it easier to explore the ocean.

Crafting Recipe

Book of Momentum

Command – /give @s pa:momentumbook

Effects – Speed III. This will make it faster to travel between points.

Crafting Recipe

Book of Healing

Command – /give @s pa:healbook

Effects – Regeneration II. This will help me regenerate my health when it’s low

Crafting Recipe

Book of Fire

Command – /give @s pa:firebook

Effects – Fire resistance II. Now you can fall in lava whenever you want :p

Crafting Recipe

Book of Flight

Command – /give @s pa:flightbook

Effects – Levitation II. This will make it easier to climb mountains or help you fly with elytra wings

Crafting Recipe 

Book of Protection

Command – /give @s pa:protectionbook

Effects – Resistance III. This will help me survive a strong hit.

Crafting Recipe

Book of Gravity

Command – /give @s pa:gravitybook

Effects – Feather Falling I. This will make me invulnerable to fall damage.

Crafting Recipe

Book of Pain

Command – /give @s pa:painbook

Effects – No effects, just damage.

Atk. Damage – 8

Durability – Infinite

This will help me kill mobs easier.

Crafting Recipe

Book of Night

Command – /give @s pa:nightbook

Effects – Night Vision I. This will make night time less scarier.

Crafting Recipe:

And that’s it for this add-on. I will definitelycontinue this project because I have a lot more ideas so expect some updates!

To use this add-on, turn on experimental gameplay, be sure that you are in the correct version of Minecraft and disable all Addons you currently have on in your world.

If you are recording a video of this add-on please leave the link in this mcpedl page. Do not use the direct media fire link!

Do not use this in any add-on apps like Addons for MCPE and etc. (except for mcpedl of course)

Download zip files if .mcaddon doesn’t work properly

Please comment down below if you are experiencing any bugs with this add-on or installation problems. I will try to fix them right away. Also comment down ideas 😉

If you like the add-on, why don’t you rate it 5 stars if you have time. 🙂 It would be appreciated

Thank you for your cooperation!!! 😀

Changelog View more


• Added zip files, if .mcaddon doesn't import properly. I recommend using zip files if you're on Windows.

• How to import zip files to Minecraft is now in the installation instruction guide

Thanks for downloading!

Only download zip files if the .mcaddon doesn't work properly


• Added support for 1.16

• Added a new book. The Book of Night

• Updated the link

• Added the Book of Night in the description

Thank you guys so much for downloading ❤️.

Also a big thanks to Starcomet for reminding me to update this add-on. 😊


• Added a new book! The Book of Gravity

• Added a new book! The Book of Pain

• Added the 2 new books in the description.

• Updated the link.

Thank you so much for downloading!!!❤️


• Changed the amplifier of the effects of the Book of Momentum and the Book of Bounce to 3 instead of 2.

• Updated the "Having trouble with" description.

• Added a new book! The Book of Protection.

• Updated the description. So it matches the changelog.

Thank you all for downloading! Feather falling book coming soon. ;)


• Changed all the textures of the books, to make it more nice and clean

• Changed the crafting Recipe of the magical stone to make it easier to craft

• Changed the Book of Air to Book of Flight and also changed its texture

• Updated the description and fixed typos

• Added a new instruction in the description on how to download the new update of the magical books addon

Thank you so much for downloading!


Having trouble with

1. Turn off any ad blocking applications because this may break the website

2. When you click this link, it will bring you to the website. You will have to wait for 5 seconds, then click skip ad Do not click any ads, any other downloads or any notifications when going to the website

3. After you click skip ad, it will bring you to a page where it says "Please press allow to continue" . If the allow button doesn't show up, wait about 15 seconds until it brings you to the redirect page if it doesn't then wait for the page to load in then go to the start of the web address, you will see this "www1a.", change 1 to a 5. So it will turn into "www5a.". Wait for a couple of seconds. If this doesn't work then try again.

4. After that, it will redirect you to the download link, just wait 5 seconds. 

5. Now this will bring you to the mediafire download link. Just click the green button and it will install. If it brings you to another page just press the back key. .


After you downloaded it click the file manager and click the Magical Books.mcaddon. Once you click it, open it with Minecraft. If it says level import failed. Go to your file manager and move the file to the documents folder or any folder. It should work this time.  


When you have downloaded the zip files, copy and paste them in the correct folders like the resource pack into the resource pack folder. You will find them in Games > com.mojang. Now extract it and it should turn into a folder. Now delete the zip file from the resource and behavior pack folder. Now you can open Minecraft.


When this add-on updates you need to delete the old file. To do that go to your file manager, go to games folder, then com.mojang, click resourcepacks and delete the old magicalbooks add-on, same with the behavior packs. Now download the new magic books Addon and have fun!


Supported Minecraft versions


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79 Responses

3.94 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. OposingCritt says:

    Did you make this with addon maker????

    I just thinked that because of pa:…..

  2. Guest-8254801002 says:

    It’s a cool addon, but you could literally just have potions, like I don’t see the point of having this mod.

  3. Guest-1801082504 says:

    THIS IS AWESOME !! but can you make the book enable to put into some item like enchant item with the magical book?

  4. ALEX 2905 YT says:

    Sadly we can’t get these on survivale mode because of the experience bottle 🙁

  5. Guest-9779382340 says:


    • Deny any notifications, don’t click on any ads and click the skip ads button, if it redirects you to a random and wrong page just tap the back key,lwhen it redirects you to a page that says “please press allow to continue” and you can’t click the allow button change the start of the web address to www5a. Now wait for it to redirect. Then you’re done.

  6. Hermit says:

    hello Epicteddygamer1,
    I am HermitMira,I can reprint your addons and translate it to China Minecraft Resource platform?
    It’s not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!

  7. Dalay995 says:

    dont work in minecraft win10. The recipes dont work

  8. Guest-9959614460 says:

    it’s leviosaaaa~

  9. Starcomet says:

    I am using version 1.16.0, experimental mode, and the mod is active but I cannot see the books or magical stone recipe. I even activated cheats and it does not recognize any of the commands. This is my very first time using mods.

  10. Guest-5513136793 says:

    Hello! I really like the mod but I would really like it if I could combine the mods if you could do that I would really appreciate it I wanna combine it with your swords mod

  11. Guest-5281136618 says:

    Can you add this on the crafting recipe…. ican’t rememer the recipe when im gaming….. nice game tho….

  12. Guest-1189400572 says:

    none of the books show up on my Minecraft i am in 1.16 i turned on experimental game play but it does not work fix this glitch

  13. Guest-3921725954 says:

    Herobrine Clare(it’s me):
    Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition? It will be downloaded there in the form of emeralds.
    In order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
    (emeralds are freely available, and people can get emeralds for free every day)

  14. PSato says:

    Hola soy nuevo y en encanta tu complemento. Tengo un sugerencia. Creo que sería mejor que si se pudiera usar en la mano izquierda para poder mejorar el modo de combate

  15. Greenyboy Gaming says:

    I like this addon but can u add this books to the trade table file

  16. Guest-2336024743 says:

    books for fighting like you’ll summon a lightning bolt

  17. Guest-7041276244 says:

    How did you make this addon? Whenever i try to make a tool and put it in game, the tool keeps insta killing me.

    My problems aside, good addon!

  18. Guest-5053421733 says:

    Add the slow falling and more health books!

  19. Guest-6767214045 says:

    Tioooooo gracias por haber hecho la piedra magica mas barata, me gustaria darte una idea: que en las aldeas puedan haber magos los cuales trabajen con la mesa de encantamientos y te traden cosas especiales como encantamientos o los libros magicos, etc, esto solo es una idea si no puedes aserlo no pasa nada

  20. Guest-2255887583 says:

    Does this work on mobile? Forgive me if I didn’t see it but it doesn’t work for me, it requires a pc because on all Addons I try to download requires me to update or download a flash adobe drive or something like that, I guess that’s only on pc

  21. Guest-2184586203 says:

    Muito bom

  22. Guest-8080039495 says:

    This looks nice but can you make it available for 1.14.60 it says 1.16 so idk if it will work for me

  23. Guest-5031279117 says:

    Can you reduce the lag if I hold the book?

  24. blaxe90 says:

    I’m on minecraft windows 10 edition, education edition, experimental gameplay, and cheats are on, version 1.14.60, but the books won’t craft, and the function command doesn’t let me get the books. What should I do to make it work, or does it not work for me?

  25. Guest-5324547035 says:

    You should add these in the next update!

    • Book of Fulmination – summons lightning on mobs.
    • Book of Explosion – will make the mob explode.
    • Book of Toxin – poisons mobs.
    • Book of Teleportation – teleports you to different locations.
    • Book of Fiery Rage – summons fire on mobs.
    • Book of Freezing Air – slows down mobs. Holding the book around the water will make an ice trail.
    • Book of Withering Agony – has a wither effect on mobs.
    • Book of Protection – makes the player has the resistance effect.
    • Book of Steady Drop – makes the player has the slow falling effect.
    • Book of Shove – pushes mobs if holding the book.

    And that’s it! Hope you see this! And also, great add-on!

    • Ooohhh, nice ideas! I will definitely add some of them in.

      • Guest-2133794523 says:

        Keep up the good work! Also, be safe from the Coronavirus!

      • Guest-7428755049 says:

        Conduit Power gives you water breathing already.

      • Guest-5140959362 says:

        Wait, I almost forgot. You can add these as well. 😅

        • Book of Destruction – enemies explode, animals on fire, players withered (except you), walking on trees will result the leaves to disappear, the player (you) has the resistance and fire resistance effect level 255 with infinite time, going on water and lava will make an obsidian trail.
        • Book of Summit Speed – makes mobs and players (except you) has the levitation effect level 255 in 1 second.
        • Book of Time Swift – makes the world randomtickspeed to max.
        • Book of Hurriedness – holding the book will have the haste effect level max.
        • Book of One Punch – will have the strength effect level to max.
        • Book of Conceal – will have the invisibility effect level to max.
        • Book of Unseeing – will have the blindness effect.
        • Book of Sickness – will have the nausea and fatal poison effect.
        • Book of Famine – will have the hunger effect.
        • Book of Saturation – will have the saturation effect.
        • Book of Village Hero – will have the hero of the village effect.
        • Book of Triggered Raid – will have the bad omen effect.
        • Book of Laziness – will have the slowness, weakness and mining fatigue effect.
        • Book of Glowing Optic – will have the night vision effect.
        • Book of Tree Transformation – will make the mobs become trees.
        • Book of Aqua Makeover – will make the mobs become water.
        • Book of Cremated Reconstruction – will make the mobs become lava.

        That’s it! Oh dear, that’s a lot of spells… Can you handle it?

  26. Jeremy2001 says:

    Bro, intenta actualizar a 1.14, excelente mod, se puede encantan en las espadas o armadura?

  27. Irish Jevil says:

    Very cool mod! It would be phenomenal if things like wizards, (if they looked like villagers) friendly tradeable witches, wands with thousands of types of powers, (like the standard ones, but also morph spells for other npc and players including yourself, and gravity gun like controls for mobs and players) unique structures, and more highly animated fantasy creatures that would still look like minecraft creatures. And possibly other demotions. This would be more than 5 stars!

  28. Alright guys, get ready for the update that will come tomorrow. Texture fixes and more!

  29. Alright guys, I updated the add-on where I fix the textures and other cool stuff. Mcpedl should be releasing it tomorrow.

  30. Guest-7443847034 says:

    Works on realms?

  31. I will try to fix your guys’ feedback right away!

  32. Guest-4894448194 says:

    Me gustaria pedir que cambies la textura de la piedra magica y que agas que su crafteo sea mas barato por que 1 de aliento de dragon me parece demasiado caro para lo que asen

  33. Jmed De. says:

    I don’t like your textures, makes me sick honestly :l
    And please remove the adly because your job doesn’t deserves some money ngl

  34. Guest-5028591292 says:


  35. Guest-7317872520 says:

    I have a nice idea… if you soround a magic book with magical stones, you will get an infinite magic book, but if you die then the book wont drop.

  36. Guest-9555950008 says:

    hey can u pls tell me why its not leting me put the pack on and if u help il be thanking u and i want it so can u pls also help me on it thx

  37. Guest-7251853151 says:

    The link leads to spam

  38. Guest-6816608257 says:

    And Also Its me AnnonimousBoss#0052 its A Nice Addons Btw I Will Like To Do It Like You But For No Reason My App Its Not Working So Hope We Will Talk Soon

  39. Guest-2227766390 says:

    Hey I Was Just Wandering If We Could Talk In Privite Cause Im Trying To Do Addons With The Same App And I Will Need Someone Cause Went I Put item Its All Grey!! So If Its Possible We Could Tchat In Discord mah Name Is AnnonimousBoss#0052

  40. Guest-4187423417 says:

    how do you get the effects

  41. Ftere says:

    I use addon maker too.
    Cool, but I find that you need better textures.

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