Magical Sticks

The mod adds seven magical sticks to the game which can be used to set things on fire, transform blocks to other blocks, give yourself an infinitive amount of health and so on. In one way or the other they work in an advantageous way (at least for yourself) to turn your game into a more magical experience.

Creator: MehrzadR

How to get the magic sticks?

If you are in survival mode you can type in the text chat in-game /magicsticks and all the magic sticks will be placed in your inventory. If you are in creative mode the sticks will already be in your inventory.

Item IDs (Sticks) & Explanations

  • Infinity Health (489) – Touch any block with the stick to set your health to infintive.
  • Overkill (490) – Hit any mob with the stick and they will instantly be killed.
  • Instant Heal (491) – Sets your health to full.
  • Silk Touch (492) – Breaks blocks on an instant. Doesn’t matter whether it’s diamond or dirt.
  • Explode Wand (493) – Self-explanatory? Creates huge explosions.
  • Fire Wand (494) – Sets mobs and blocks on fire.
  • Random Block (495) – Transforms one type of block into another.


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