MagicCraft Factions 2 [PvP]

This map includes a fully functional factions minigame controlled by redstone and command blocks. If you don’t have a Realms server yet, then you can try it out in local multiplayer or by joining the official Realms server for this map here. The game includes custom shops, a custom currency, a custom terrain with beautiful buildings and tons of other stuff!

Creator: SEMagical, Twitter Account

Video Showcase

Make sure to watch the video to find out all the details you need to know about the map!


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9 Responses

3.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Caleb Bell says:

    My friends cant break blocks…. the heck is happening weve tried everything we knew McPvP PLZ HELP!!

  2. PlsTell says:

    I just wanna know how to use become Phoenix and stuff

  3. Meena says:

    I can’t use shops and very lag what I want to do ??

  4. Drew says:

    Works great on ipad! The mcworld file so to say. Txh

  5. Byrnorthil says:

    This is an amazing creation. I have never seen a fully functional server w/custom items without plugins and what’s more AVAILIBLE FOR DOWNLOAD. And this is a pretty legit server. However:
    The texture pack used was made by a person who could not edit the .png files without removing transparency, and thus all particles have ugly black squares around them and just look stupid.
    A lot of the textures used look strange and warped on tablets but look fine on computers.
    Some of the higher-level trades just plain don’t work. You can’t even put the coins in the trade slot.
    Some of the gimmicks are a bit tricky to learn at first, like how you have to throw paper on the ground to be able to break blocks.
    Biggest thing: I could not find any credit or even mention for the multiple addons and texture packs used in this map. SolvedDev deserves such a mention. If there is a mention on the server and I just missed it, don’t count it against me or the creator.
    And last: I was booted, probably because I accidentally used a bug in Minecraft to get extra coins No hard feelings.. But that bug is Mojang’s problem, not the creators of this map.

    • Gabriel Von Uriel Vergara says:

      I agree some cause some of Map textures is broken but it’s a really good server I’m not understimating it but it needs to have some bugs. -GabrielYT

  6. UpstreamComet11 says:

    SUPER MAP! But i wanted to look for easter egg on realm and i cant get back PLS HELP ME.

  7. WhatUpItsMEIG says:

    Nice Bro!

  8. Whyoumust says:

    Nice Map

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