Magicraft Mod

The Magicraft Mod adds magical weapons which powers are much better compared to the default weapons in Minecraft. The weapons primarily use should be for defeating the gigantic mobs which have been added by the mod. These mobs are extremely dangerous and much more difficult to defeat than any other mobs in Minecraft. Besides all this there’s some more features such as a new enchanting system.

Creator: MinetasticGamer, Twitter Account


Before being able to use the new weapons you need to gain levels. In the mod there’s a custom leveling system and it works similar to the default leveling in Minecraft except that each level is much harder to gain.

Here’s a comparasion of experience levels and Magicraft levels.

EL = Experience Level (default system in Minecraft)
ML = Magicraft Level (custom leveling system in the mod)

  • 5th EL = 1st ML
  • 10th EL = 2nd ML
  • 15th EL = 3rd ML
  • 20th EL = 4th ML
  • 25th EL = 5th ML
  • 30th EL = 6th ML
  • 35th EL = 7th ML
  • 40th EL = 8th ML
  • 45th EL = 9th ML
  • 50th EL = 10th ML

Once you’ve gained at least level 4 (or got to the 20th experience level) you can obtain some of the new weapons.

In our case, we chose to use Bottles o’ Enchanting to quickly reach the highest magical level so we can demonstrate to you some of the items available in the mod.

If your game crash or similar you can use the /load command to restore your level.


Place down a Magical Block (ID: 206, recipe: 4 Diamonds + 1 Enchantment Tables) surrounded by eight enchantment tables on the ground.


Then tap on the magical block in the middle with a diamond sword. Select one of the weapons which are available for your level. As long as you have an empty slot for the item in your inventory you will be able to retrieve it.


Let’s have a look how the Ultimate Magical Wand works. In the top-left and top-right corners of the screen there will be some new buttons, at least while you are holding a weapon.

Each of the buttons can perform a special function such as a powerful attack or a defense mechanism. To use any of the weapon’s abilities you need some mana. Your mana will gradually increase a little all the time so you can never really run out of it.


  • Ultimate Magic Wand (ID: 800)
  • Ultimate Magic Bow (ID: 801)
  • Ultimate Magic Sword (ID: 802)
  • Fire Sword (ID: 803)
  • Fire Wand (ID: 804)
  • Air Wand (ID: 805)
  • Earth Wand (ID: 806)
  • Earth Sword (ID: 807)

Advanced Enchantments

Place down an Advanced Enchantment Table (ID: 207, recipe: 4 Diamonds + 1 Enchantment Tables) on the ground.


Tap on the Advanced Enchantment Table with a diamond sword, diamond helmet or a diamond chestplate and then select one of the enchantment options.

Here’s a list of the requirements for each enchantment (these are Experience Levels, not Magicraft Levels!):

  • Plague = requires more than 10 levels
  • Death = requires more than 10 levels
  • Lifesteal = requires more than 10 levels
  • Freeze = requires more than 10 levels
  • Strikethrough = requires more than 10 levels
  • Starvation = requires more than 1 level
  • Weakness = requires more than 10 levels
  • Destruction = requires more than 30 levels



There are plenty of new monsters and most of them are extremely dangerous. Use the new weapons to try to kill them.


Spawn Egg IDs:

  • Obsidian Hydra (1000)
  • Obsidian Giant (1001)
  • Fire Giant (1002)
  • Earth Naga (1003)
  • Shadow Colossus (1004)
  • Dark Mage (1005)
  • Dark Knight (1006)
  • Shadow Dragon (1007)
  • Water Dragon (1008)
  • Snow Monster (1009)
  • Ant Emperor (1010)
  • Monking (1011)
  • Dragon King (1012)
  • Eye Monster (1013)
  • Mutant Eye Monster (1014)


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  1. Chris says:

    Hi, I’m on apple, is there a way to get this for apple too?

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    Does this mod work for 1.5.0?

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  5. derp says:

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    Does this work for windows ten??

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  12. alonzo matos says:

    Minetastic may i help you make textures for some of the mobs?i will send u a texture via twitter.

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    sometimes when i shoot it crashes.Why?

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    Does this work for 0.13.2

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